Apr 27, 2015

Games and Blooms

Sleepy morning faces, breakfast interruption, and gingham.

Took this boy to the drugstore for his first grilled cheese and tater tots.  He approved.
Followed by his first haircut/mullet removal.  Sob.
Then some swinging before sister school pick up.
Morgan's brother was in town visiting this weekend, and after scoring a last minute babysitter, we headed to a Tennessee baseball game.  The Vols lost, but the porch and company were fab, as was the hot dog, hamburger, and beers I consumed.

Dell Harper got her first sporting event on Saturday when she went to the Orange and White game with her daddy and uncle.

Deeds got to play some naked golf around the yard with me while I marveled over everything popping up.  It's our first spring in this house, so every day is Christmas for an aspiring gardener.
Lily of the Valley.
My roses!!!!!!!!  The very first bloom- look at that color!.
Irises- aren't they just gorgeous?   And the state flower of Tennessee.

Dell Harper and Deeds went to the cutest birthday party Sunday afternoon- it was a bug party.
Dell Harper's best buddy was there, and they spent the afternoon tearing around, entertaining themselves.
So that's it.  The anticipated storms did not rain on my parade, but did in fact bring some cool weather.  I can handle it, especially since I am stuck with a mountain of work to climb before DH's procedure.  Anxiety is beginning to grow. . .

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