Jan 26, 2018

Five on Friday- Old Lady Edition

I don't know if it's the cold, or hauling around a 25 pound sack of not-walking-yet sugar, but I am feeling all my 36 years lately.  I am TIRED.

I blame these three little monkeys.  They keep me hopping!

1) Icy Hot Patches-

Oh, man. I put one on today before talking a walk with Buddy and my kiddos.  With Tommy in the Baby Bjorn, I was feeling good. . .thanks to my old lady patch.

I'm hoping Tommy starts walking before I need to medically investigate this lower back pain.  Until then, these will do the trick!

2) Heating Pad:

I wish I was doing this exact thing right now.  Morgan got me this Sunbeam heating pad for Christmas, and I am obsessed!  It's fuzzy, the cover doesn't fall off like my previous heating pads, and it's so hot!  Our bedroom has been freezing, and I love going to sleep with this every night- especially since it has a two hour automatic shutoff option.  It's killer for helping cramps as well.

3)  Homemade Medicine Ball Beverages

A combo of hot ginger tea, wild orange Tazo tea, and Vitamin Water Zero lemonade with a drop of peppermint extract.  Warm and delicious!

4) Epsom Salts with Activated Charcoal

Back to the achy bones and muscles!  I love Dr. Teal's epsom salts, and this new on is a winner- especially after a tough workout.  Note- Walmart has the best selection of Dr. Teal's.  Detoxing that involves soaking in a hot bath, and not subsisting on juice?  Done and done!

5) Kindle Unlimited Magazines

Did y'all know Kindle Unlimited includes magazines?  Good ones!  And the selection changes each month!

Here's some current picks!  So go have a hot Friday night old lady style.  Hot bath with some epsom salts and new mags, then go lay on your heating pad with a hot tea beverage and an IcyHot patch.

I'm telling you, this gal knows how to par-tay.



  1. I am making note of ALL of these! That magazine deal is particularly exciting- I had no idea!

  2. RANDOM, but I make my own lotion and put in melted Epsom salts. It's great for my scaly, winter legs:)

    1. How do you melt them? Mix with a little water? That's a fantastic idea!

  3. I'm so happy you're back!! I love Dr Teals Epsom salts but haven't seen this charcoal one, I'll be on the look out. I had no idea Kindle had magazines in the unlimited feature- I need to go check this out.

    1. Thanks!! It feels so good to be blogging again!


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