Jan 16, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

I had the best weekend- two of my best friends growing up came in town for our second annual Knoxville girls' weekend.  I have laughed and talked so much that my face just aches.  My head might have ached a little bit Saturday morning as well.

Just us girls went to J.C. Holdway Friday night, for a delicious meal and plentiful cocktails.  I split the hangar steak, on the advice of my brother who happened to be on there on a  date night with his wife (great minds, yada yada).  It was fantastic, as was my starter of grilled broccolini salad.  And my multiple glasses of cava.

Saturday I trudged through a workout to give myself a boost, and to take advantage of the club's childcare.  You know it's not the most effective time when you spend longer eating lunch there than actually exercising. However, 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill helped combat my six hours of sleep.

Saturday we let the boys come along, and headed to AK and Dixon's house for lasagna and Cards Against Humanity. It was another fantastic, fun, ribald evening. I haven't seen that side of midnight two nights in a row in quite a long time.

We have a new interim minster at church- he is wonderful!  However, I had a bad case of the yawns and was terrified that he would notice!  Ha!

Monday night I recovered a bit of equanimity by making chicken and dumplings featured in this month's Southern Living. I balanced it out with a metric ton of steamed broccoli.
Here's the recipe.  They hit the spot- Dell Harper had about five bowls.  Deeds had some broccoli and crackers because he only wanted tomato soup and "nuttin else!".  Fine, by me little buddy.  More for me!

While Tommy napped and I made dumpling dough, the kids got their Jackson Pollack on with this kit they got for Christmas from Target.
This was a horrible parenting decision on my behalf.  My back porch will never be the same.  They lasted about ten minutes without a vociferous discussion on technique that involved my darling children Jackson Pollacking each other.  And Target?  FYI- make your damn paints washable.  Thanks.

They exchanged art for a good long bubble bath, and I got my dumplings done.  All is well.  Except for my splatter arted porch.  Ahhhh, real life.

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