Jan 10, 2018

Loving Lately- Books, Audio Books and Podcasts

I've sent Dell Harper off to school, set up Deeds with some breakfast and a little old school Ghostbusters, and now am taking advantage of Tommy sleeping in a little to crawl back into bed with my laptop.  Emptying the dishwasher be damned!  Or delayed by 15 minutes.

I just picked up two absolutely fantastic books from the library:

Trophy Son follows the professional tennis career of a young man as he navigates his domineering and emotional abusive father (a retired hedge-funder and former Olympian) and his ascending career. It's fast, smart, and a fascinating glimpse into the world of professional tennis and performance drug use.  I've ordered his previous two books based on my enjoyment of this one.

Random fact- the author is Megan Kelly's husband.

I am torn between reading this slowly because I don't want it to end, and ripping through it because I am dying to know what happens.  An elegant, elderly, blue-blood, private investigator (minus any cartooniness), travels from NYC to Yellowstone to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a professional photographer at the behest of his daughter.  It's utterly original, compelling and simply brilliant.

I just finished listening to A Case of Redemption by Adam Mitzner.  It's a legal thriller about Legally Dead, a rapper accused of murdering his pop singer girlfriend.  It's fast, with plenty of twists and turns.  An excellent way to divert oneself while washing dishes or trudging on a treadmill.

Now for a couple of podcasts:

Do y'all listen to The Daily for the New York Times?

Host Michael Barbaro explores topics in the daily news with empathy and curiosity- usually encompassing a quick daily roundup  and a deep dive into people affected by whatever news event is occurring.  A fascinating (although frequently depressing) way to begin one's day.  20 minutes of current event education every morning.

In a completely different vein, I really like Ballard Designs' How to Decorate Podcast.  Each week, the hosts interview a well known designer, stylist, magazine editor or the like.  It's fun, chatty and inspires me to get my house just so!

So that's what I'm escaping with right now.  And little voices are calling me, so my brush with escapism and my cozy bed has come to an abrupt halt.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


  1. Th Ballard Design sounds fascinating- and needed over here! Thanks for all of the interesting reading recs.

  2. Always enjoy your book and podcast recommendations. I am about halfway through Celine and am loving it!


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