Jan 29, 2018


We (as in my children) had a big weekend.  Dell Harper turned six on Saturday- I'm still in shock that I have been a mother for six years.

Deeds got to have a sleepover at my parents, while Dell Harper had two friends over for her first sleepover! I took them to have nails painted, then we played dress, rode the biplane, had a dance party, played games, watched a movie, had pizza and ice cream cake, then pretended to go to bed until late.  I finally had to pull out the "I am not afraid to call parents to come get you!" card around 10:45.  I heard nary a peep after that.

This little big girl is so brave, kind and spunky.  The other day she said "I love me, Mama, because I look just like you!".  (This made up for the night before when she said "I feel like you have a baby in your tummy, then patted my pooch.".  In her defense, whenever a baby gets around Tommy's age in our house I seem to have another, but that ship has sailed).

All in all, I just love her to pieces.

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  1. So cute!! Happy 6th Birthday to your Princess (who does look a lot like you!)


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