Jul 19, 2010

I Feel Like a Fried Chicken

Well, after my beach week I have sworn off fried chicken. Well, after lunch since I got a coupon for Chick in the mail today.

After I use my coupon for a free Chick-fil-a Spicy Chicken sandwich for lunch today, I will swear off fried chicken.  Have y'all tried it?  Two words (or possibly one hyphenate)- GAME CHANGER.

Anyway, Hubs picked up a box of chicken from the Publix just to have on hand for everybody staying at the Beach Barn.  I did my best to resist it at the beginning of the week (bikini, bikini, bikini), then finally surrendered to its siren call.  However, I just picked, which is incredibly wasteful but also helpful for the waist.  However, on the way home Sunday I surrendered to one of my favorites, and decided on It Don't Matter.

"Honey, where you want to eat?"  "Oh, It Don't Matter".  That's what the t-shirts say- please stop by Highland Home, Alabama and get you one.

So I hit the buffet (normally a food of form service which I can't abide, but damn, combine low blood sugar, and fresh fried chicken, and food snobbery goes out the window), for chicken, a biscuit, green bean casserole and fresh butter beans.  Oh, and some potato salad.  And a bite of Hub's ham.

It was worth it.  As will my spicy fried chicken sandwich I'm about to inhale.  After that it will be fresh healthy grilled stuff. 

I'm looking a little crispy myself from a week in the sun, and you are what you eat . . .not sure Fried Chicken Faye is the look I want to be sporting.


  1. Nothing wrong with a little fried chicken! You have me craving some now :)

  2. Oh my word, we pass that restaurant every year and talk about going in, but I wasn't sure about it. Now I have a recommendation!

  3. Our favorite hangover breakfast place in college was a diner called "Mary's, Of Course." So we'd wakeup and ask "Where do you wanna grab breakfast" and we'd all reply "Mary's, Of Course!"

    Love that.

  4. I would kill for some legit southern fried chicken right now. Want to personally deliver some to me in NYC ;-)

  5. ha - love the name, want the t-shirt - fabulous!


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