Jul 30, 2010

Welcome to the World Baby Boy! (and Mad Men style)

Jules (of the famed popcorn favors) had her baby yesterday morning!  A warm welcome to baby Will- who's gender identity was unknown until his wonderful arrival.  Jules was one of those adorable pregnant peeps, who only gains weight in their bellies and loves being with child.  Somehow I do not expect that will be me. . . .I mean, this pic was taken less than a week before she gave birth!

On a completely unrelated note, I am coveting more sixties style with the advent of the new season of Mad Men.  Check out my picks from Dorothea's Closet

I think they all would fit me, and my birthday is in two weeks, if anyone is interested in showering me with gifts!

I did purchase this little number from Dillard's for work.  I was getting depressed going to work in my suits and black dresses, so this little Peggy Olsen-like look definitely boosted my day.  I felt like a little girl, swirling my pleats, and longing to wear my new dress three days in a row-
I changed the belt though- not really a fan of that one.

When I was little I used to worry that some of my clothes would feel left out and sad if I did not wear them often enough, even though they weren't my favorite.  Toys were the same.  This is why I can't watch Toy Story.  I picture my beloved Bunny (and decoy Bunny) sitting in the attic, with my much used dollhouse.  Alone, awaiting for a child to love and play with them. Sob.

My mama will probably say that this is why I need to pop out some grandkids, stat.


  1. Um yeah, I will most definitely *not* look that tiny and perfect when preggo. But jealous congrats to those who are! ;-)

    Really loving that first pick from Dorothea's Closet!

  2. *gasp*

    I ran across your blog randomly and when I saw the picture of the bunny... I had to scream... I had that exact same bunny (security blanket) as a child but in pink... and how I LOVED it so!

  3. Yeah, I'm gonna be one of those really big and puffy pregnant people. Sucky.

    I felt the same way about my toys!

  4. August should be a whole birthday month of celebration. My husband doesn't get that yet. I loved my stuffed animals so much I would cry if they fell off the bed in the middle of the night, thinking they could "feel" it.

  5. I have the exact same thing with Toy Story - cannot handle the guilt even though I love the movies! Gorgeous Mad Men-inspired pics, btw...

  6. Love, love, love those dresses!


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