Jul 7, 2010

House Plans and ET Love

Do y'all see that?  Yep, it's a big ole SOLD sign on the front of my new house!  We closed Friday, and celebrated with wine and friends over before a birthday party we had that night.  I, of course, am already plotting all my new projects for the house to totally charm it up.

Like this-
A new front door like this one, and little gabled porch would make a huge difference.  (In case, Hubs is reading, not any time soon shug!  Like maybe my birthday?  In August?  Oh okay, fine, Christmas.)  I know that actually construction like above will be later.  My main goal of the summer is to paint the built in-
White to match the trim (please don't be alarmed, those are the previous occupants' furnishings NOT mine).
And replace the fluorescent light fixtures (shudder) in the kitchen and mudroom with track lighting.  Please don't be alarmed- it's a nice neutral in there- my camera and the lighting made it look sunshine yellow.

Now, to get back to some of your questions.

Blue Eyed Bride asked-
do you want to live in your current town forever? what do you love about it? if you could live somewhere else where would you live?

Yes.  I love my town.  This is one of the reasons why-
We all grew up lake rats and spent every summer weekend on the lake, skiing and tubing, or like Saturday, celebrating America, Budweiser and sunshine. Six boats all tied up together, drinking beer and eating fried chicken- pretty much heaven, right?

Please enjoy the awesomeness of Tuck's mullet wig and "gold" chain.  That is what a true East Tennessean looks like, my friends.
We started going on the boat when were Miss MC's age here.  It's one of the reasons why my town is such a good place to grow up- lakes everywhere (we're actually on Ft. Loudon here, which is actually the Tennessee River), and the Great Smoky Mountains right out your back door.  It's makes for a pretty idyllic childhood with a lot of time spent outdoors.

It's also wonderful living in a city with a major university- football games are a plus obviously, but more importantly there is a far greater amount of cultural diversity and diversions, such as the opera, which would not be possible without UT.  And finally, it's big enough that you can hide if you want to, but it's pretty hard to go to the grocery store without seeing someone you know (which sometimes is a huge pain, but comforting at the same time).  Here's an ode to East Tennessee written back when I first started the blog.

Goodness, I have rambled.  Have y'all made it through to the end?  Why do you love your town?  If I had to live somewhere else, I would love to live in Charleston (duh), or. . . I'm really drawing a blank right now.  Wherever I live has to be on a navigable body of water.  Kinger has a theory that people who are raised on navigable bodies of water are a little nuts.  This is a pretty valid theory I believe.

So what are your suggestions?  Where should I live in hypothetical world?


  1. i'm SO excited to watch your house become your home! even without construction you're going to do some adorable things. it's a great house! and you're going to give so many people some gorgeous inspiration. yay!

    i love living in a town with a major university, too! :) i think maybe you could get a summer home in charleston? that way we can see each other more often?

  2. Cannot wait to see what darling things you will do to your new place!! Also, I think I would love living where you live. College town + water = my heaven!

  3. I am excited to see more of your new home when you are moved in.

    I live in Eugene, Oregon and I do love our town. It's smallish but not too small. There is a fabulous farmers market and it is surrounded by local farms and dairy. We are able to get all of our milk, eggs and chicken fresh from a nearby farm. And we get all our beef from my grandparents near by ranch. We are able to live in a nice quite older neighborhood but still are close to everything. It's only a 20 minute bike ride to my office and a 15 minute bike ride downtown and ten minute bike ride to my parents house. We hardly ever have to use are car. Also we are only 45 minutes from the Oregon Coast, 1 hour from the mountains for skiing, 1 hour from my parents cabin on the river and 2 hours from Portland for some big city time. And perhaps best of all we almost never have snow and we have lots of rain making everything green and beautiful. We have gorgeous spring and summers. It is a really nice place to live.

  4. Congrats on your new house! I love it and cannot wait to see how you decorate it!

    I'm back to blogging after an extended absence and can't wait to get caught up with everyone! Looks like all good things your way.

  5. Samma, I know that's your moldy-looking couch and old-school exercise machine, don't lie!

    Hee hee hee... "shudder" is right :-)

    Can't wait for all your pics as you guys liven this place up! Congrats again!

  6. Good luck with your new house, you must be so excited! I absolutely love going to the lake and hope to live near one someday.

  7. Faye that would is so awesome! I can't wait to come see it :) And yes I do think people that grew up on navigable bodies of water are a little nuts but a good nuts! And I include myslef in this group being a lake baby as well :) Places I would live . . San Fran, Charleston, and Savannah! If only Atlanta had a large body of water . . . .

  8. I'm so excited for you and your new home! I also have to admit I showed M that picture of the front door because I think that would work well on our kind-of ranch/one story colonial/mutt home. I just loved it!


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