Jul 8, 2010

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

In approximately 35 hours (hopefully less) I will be en route to the Beach Barn.

Oh law, I need this vacation.  I realized that I have not been a a full vacay since my honeymoon over a year ago.  14 months ago.  Of course, there has been long weekends here and there, but going to a wedding is not relaxing the way that lounging on the sand and reading a huge stack of trashy novels is mind-numbing relaxation.

That previous sentence was rather cumbersome.  Do you see how much I need a vacation?

Anyway, we are, of course, going to a wedding the last Saturday we are there, which is in Carillion.  We have a huge group going down all week for the wedding, and have the condo rented in addition to the Beach Barn- I'm sure many adventures and recipes will ensue!

This is from a trip a few years ago.  The boys plus bikes equals much hilarity.  Now it's weird- I look at this and in those 3(?) years, 3 of these fellas have become dads.  It's an epidemic, I swear!

So that's it from these parts.  I have vacation brain, need desperately to be out of pocket, yet have another 2 days of work before sweet sweet freedom!


  1. Have a great time. I'm jonesing for a vacation BIG TIME!

    I'm sure the wedding at Carillon will be beyond beautiful. (that is where I got married)

  2. Oh the wedding will be wonderful! I need a vacation, too, and it's pretty much confirmed that we're not taking one-- well an official one. Next year.... :)

  3. I need a vacation too! I haven't been on a real honest to goodness vacation since I got married (honeymoon) 5 YEARS AGO!! Crazy. Perhaps this is why I am so high strung all the damn time?

    Have a wonderful time!

  4. Have fun! I can't wait for a week long vacation and not just weekends away once school is over!

  5. Sounds like its going to be a wonderful vacation. Hopefully your work days fly by for you! Have a great time :)

  6. Have a great time - I can relate to vacation brain, although it seems like forever since we were at the beach and it was only a few weeks ago. Perhaps I need another vacay in the near future...

  7. Yay! Have so much fun on my very favorite Hwy 30-A. I cannot wait to get down there myself, but sadly I have one more month. Counting the days. I miss being in school and having the entire summer off!

  8. What fun! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  9. Hope you're having a blast - can't wait for pics!!!


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