Jul 29, 2010

Out of Pocket and Missing Milestones Part 2

So while I was laying on the beach, reading Jackie Collins, and eating at Caliza, and Café Tango, and Red Bar (sigh, I could eat crab cakes at all of the above right now), a momentous event was happening on a deserted island somewhere off the coast of Savannah.

In case your reading words in the sand skills are not as honed as mine, that says "Marriage?".

To which Miss Purvis replied, "Is this a proposal?".  And it was! Sorry, I stole these pics off Mr. Frame's Facebook- too great not to show.  So sometime next summer  Miss Purvis will become Mrs. Frame.  I suppose I will stick with calling you your maiden name (I'm pretty sure you do not use my married name- correct me if I'm wrong).  I'm over the moon with joy for the both of you- BEST WISHES (to you) and CONGRATULATIONS (to Andy).  There, wouldn't your mother be proud of me for using the correct terms?

I think that Miss Purvis should surprise everyone, and instead of the small, warm, relaxed, slightly hippie-ish ceremony which she envisions, should have a pink themed blow-out at Reynolds Plantation!

Just like Carrie Underwood's!

I, of course, immediately bought this issue.  Have y'all read it?  I know I've got some Carrie fans, but goodness!  This wedding was tacky with a capital T! The damn tiara was FORTY carats of diamonds.  She's so skinny I'm surprised she could hold her head up!  And her dress?  I too, wore Monique Lhuillier, although it was definitely not a "huge Chantilly lace and silk organza gown".  I have no problems with the size of the gown, although I thought it did not go very well with the setting of her wedding (Lake Oconee, people!). However, as a fellow petite person, you must be careful of overwhelming your frame.  Hmmppph.  Anyway, my beef with the wedding gown is that is it SEE-THROUGH!  Look above the skirt, and you can see skin through that lace!

Oh, dear. I'm getting myself a little too riled up about a stranger's wedding.   Miss Purvis, I trust you will not wear a see-through gown.  The offer is still open to wear mine, although it will likely be too short on you.  Have y'all read the Carrie wedding People? Am I being too harsh?  Thoughts, please.



  1. As a fellow slim-cut lace Monique Lhuillier wearer, I concur: that dress was just plain ugly.

    But to each her own... :-)

  2. I'll never saw it on my own blog because I'm a Carrie fan with a capital F, but the wedding was tacky with a capital T.

    I honestly stopped reading the issue because there wasn't anything about it that I liked except that Carrie and her now hubby are pretty darn cute.

    She looked too made up and her skin was orange. And I love pink-- I used pink in my wedding-- but it was a lot of pink. I would expect that wedding out of Christina Aguillera.

    Anyway... I'll never say it on my blog, but those are my thoughts on the CU wedding!

    This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds.....9 ...8 ..... 7

    wink wink

  3. ha.... that should say "i'll never SAY it on my blog."

  4. Goodness, I completely agree with you about Carrie's wedding. I really do like her and I know that so many people just fawn over her style but I thought it was a big pink, fluffy mess. Oh well! To each her own or as my grandmother used to say, "dear, there is no accounting for taste."

  5. Not only do I wholeheartedly agree with your Carrie wedding analysis but I also applaud your "correct terms" for congratulating a newly engaged couple - my own MOH was so weird about all that "Best Wishes" vs "Congrats" sayings that now I notice it too... but really who cares? People are excited and want to wish the happy couple well! (Also my Husband proposed in the sand too so I'm a big fan of that!)

  6. uhhh yeah, the dress?

    i think not...AT ALL

  7. I hate to judge (publically - hee!) any bride's wedding b/c if it made the bride happy, then that's really all that mattered. Afterall, I did have Krystal burgers served (on silver platters - but Krystals nonethelesss) late night at my own nupts. BUT...I agree with you. So does everyone with whom I've discussed the CU wedding, and a few strangers I overhead in the CVS.

    I did think the hockey puck place cards were a clever touch.

  8. Girl, it was tacky! I was shocked! I especially did not like her hair-do. It looks like it was so humid it just fell. Boo, I was so upset. Carrie, Carrie what were you thinking!?!

  9. Amen! I was not a fan of Carrie's wedding, and I LOVE her. The dress was just not right--all sorts of wrong. And she's so pretty and so petite, it wasn't right for her. I expected a classy, simple wedding from her. Hmph. Don't you love how I'm getting all uptight about a celebrity's wedding? Sheesh! You should see me gettin' all hot over my brother in law's wedding (OK, I have to vent: the invitations were addressed in pink pen. Yes, pink. Kills.me!) Whew, glad that's off my chest.

    Also? Your dress was STUNNING!

  10. Oh, I am so glad someone finally said what everyone was thinking - tacky! To me, it looked like the wedding a 14 year old girl would plan if you have her $2 million dollars. The dress, the tiara - it was just too much.

  11. Love Carrie Underwood (can I have her legs please??), BUT as a Bride to Be myself I agree- NO SEE THROUGH DRESSES. I see them all the time on Say Yes to the Dress and I want to gag. Its your wedding, please don't put on a bustier and walk down the aisle! Yours, however, is stunning ;)

  12. I HATED THAT WEDDING. I was SOOOOOO disappointed... it pretty much had every wedding element that I dislike:

    - see through bodice on the dress (what was Monique thinking???)
    - tiaras
    - floral arrangements fashioned in the shape of perfect spheres
    - crystals

    Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.

  13. You're on the $$. It was TACKY with a capital "T". I was so surprised. I thought her wedding would be classy and elegant...She need to fire whoever the stylist/planner who helped her w/ this mess.

  14. Aw congrats to your amiga! Very cool!

    I haven't seen it but per your description (or People's... or whateva) it doesn't surprise me. She seems uber traditional and even her choices in dresses tend to go to that side of overdone (to me!). She's just not a cas girl!

    Love that marriage? in the sand - so sweet.

  15. I was not a fan either. I was really surprised too when I saw that part of it was see-through...yuck!!

  16. I think I'm the only one in the world who has not seen the Carrie wedding pictures. I must get that magazine right now! I'm so sad to hear that it was tacky. I could already tell I wasn't going to be a fan of the outfit from the cover photo. See through bodice? For real?! Yikes! I had a Monique Lhuillier dress too and that makes my stomach turn.

  17. Yay for Miss P, indeed! I loved reading this shout-out, Samma, AND checking up on other Sass and Spice bits! Luuuuuuv it!


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