Jul 27, 2010

Out of Pocket, and Missing Milestones-Part One

While I was doing this
And this, all vacation week, I missed two extremely important milestones. 

First of all!

The anniversary of three decades of Hess on our planet!

Happy super late birthday Jess!!!!!  My phone was pretty dunzo for the duration of the trip, and it was too late to call on my return.  Therefore, you are getting a really super late tribute on the old blog here.

When I first met Hess freshman year at Georgia, she intimidated the hell out of me.  In order to deal with this fear, I decided to pretend like I didn't know who she was (I perhaps was not as socially adept at 18 as I am now).  This completely backfired, as it ensued in her thinking I was a complete biatch who never could remember her name.  I can't remember how we finally reconciled the situation, but by sophomore year our friendship was set- leading to Hess' first trip to NOLA and first time to eat at a Cracker Barrel (two things which I excel at).

Best Halloween outfit ever.

There are several bizarre similarities between Jessie and I's parents - her mom is a ceramic artist/potter just like mine, and her father grew up in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, where I spent Christmases at my uncle's mountain house.  Our fathers were even members of the same club- Rolling Rock.

I would like to put some pictures up of our mutual favorite last semester of college- 5th year fall.  However, since Hess easily convinced me that exercise was for boring people, I ate fried chicken every Sunday with my roomies, and decided I needed to fatten up for Africa, those pictures are not my favorite.

So Hess, I am so sorry that I missed you birthday- it's actually the only one I can remembered besides MOH's without the aid of Facebook.  I think that your thirtieth year will be your best ever!  Thank you for being such a funny, sarcastic, real, yet not-so-secretly tender hearted and incredibly loyal friend.  Love you bunches!!


  1. awww you have the best friends! Don't you HATE that you can't be in multiple places at once? I absolutely hate missing things - you're so sweet to shout out to her on your bloggie! :)

  2. Awesome pictures! I love the Royal Tenenbaums Halloween costumes! Brilliant!


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