Jul 1, 2011


So glad my dog is not the only weirdo who sits on tables.  That was at my brother's house- Buddy has never chosen that form of seating at our house or my parents.  Better squirrel and bunny watching I suppose.

Speaking of his weird behavior, I was working last night, and he scampered off to do his own thing around the house.  I come in the den to find one of my tennis shoes (no surprise), and 5 empty banana peels.  What in the world?  I look at ole Buddy, and sure enough he is grinning happily, emitting dog banana breath.

My damn dog jumped up on the counter, retrieved a bunch of bananas, took them to the (carpeted) den, where he proceeded to peel and eat them.  FIVE BANANAS.  I wish there was video of him peeling them, because I can't figure that out for the life of me.

So today Buddy will be in lockdown, dreaming of playing with bunnies. . .

Image from Pinterest.


  1. Buddy! Oh my gosh! My step mom's dog used to peel hard boiled eggs--I have no idea how! We discovered this one Easter morning, ha.

  2. too funny!
    i had a lab who one easter openend those eggs that came in the cellophane(sp) wrapper!

  3. He PEELED THEM?? Can he do an orange?

  4. Oh my gosh, I can only imagine that scene. Hilarious! Gotta love a buddy!


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