Jul 8, 2011

Dream, Dream, Dream

Oh hello! Hold on, let me grab my keys, and come on in!
Excuse the mess, I have been so busy all day painting furniture and canvases.

Why thank you so much!  It's so lovely to have such a nice little hobby that pays all my bills.

Let's go into my sitting room and have a little glass of wine, and some snacks.  Excuse the mess- I have been wrapping presents for my Christmas closet, veen though it is the dead of summer, because I am super organized.

Let me just pop in the kitchen, and get out this tomato squash tart I whipped up with stuff from the garden.

Have a seat and help yourself.  Oh, the flowers?  Thank you- I picked them this morning after gathering eggs from my chickens.  My gardening shed just makes me want to play in the dirt all day long!

Feel free to hang by the lake until everyone arrives-you know I love an impromptu party in the party barn!
 If you have too many adult beverages, feel free to crash upstairs in the sleeping loft!
Thank y'all so much for coming by and keeping us company on such a pretty day.  Stop by my fantasy life any time you please!  I'm always whiling away the hours up here in my retreat.

All images via Samma on Pinterest.


  1. Haha I love this post!! Such a fun dream life and house. It all looks perfect!

  2. Gary & Elaine at Catalog Living would be so proud of this post. :)

  3. Our dream worlds are uncomfortably similar.

  4. I totally agree with this dream life! Where do I sign up?! :)

  5. "It's so lovely to have such a nice little hobby that pays all my bills". Ha!! Sign me up for one of those!

  6. I love your fantasy life - hilarious!! Although you have to admit that the girl, house and food look a lot like you! Do you have yellow hunters, too?! And that "shed" is crazy though - I mean really.

  7. you have the exact same dream house as me.


  8. Ha, ha! Take me away with you to that fantasy world any time girlfriend!

  9. Perfection! That tart, sleeping loft, chickens...aren't dreams just the best? I'm just blog stalking you this morning and very behind. Thanks cute Samma!


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