Jul 13, 2011

Smoking Away

So, I am having a fit of color, and ready to finally get rid of my neutrally-yellow walls (and ceilings), at least in the bedrooms of our little stone house.

Now, I've got an red iron bed, with Pottery Barn's painterly paisley bedding.

I'm thinking gray- the color combo will echo the yellow and gray in the living room and dining room, and provide a soothing place for me to get some shuteye. 

I love the combination of these two colors, and the gray will provide a neutral backdrop for when I eventually grow tired of our bedding and completely switch it up.

So while perusing Better Homes and Gardens some time ago, I came across the perfect gray.

Woodsmoke by Glidden.  It's gorgeous, and I am dying to attack my walls right now.  Restraining myself to wait for the new crown molding, and a professional who can also paint my ceiling a clean crisp white! 

Thanks to Pinterest I found several other devotees of Woodsmoke, which you can find by looking at my boards, as the site is being finicky and barring me from embedding the links.
Isn't that a lovely shade of gray?  None of that institutional nonsense which bathes the battered walls of my office.

I love the name too.  It just conjures up standing in front of a bonfire, cup of something bourbony in your hand, wearing a puffy down vest and baggy jeans.  Well, actually that just sounds like my high school days.  Did y'all have a lot of field parties?  We would pack up tons of coolers, and high tail it to someone's property (usually we knew the owners), build a great fire, and either set up tents and camp, or go our merry way at the witching hour for those of us who had curfews.  Kind of sounds lovely right now, but that's probably because cold is currently a completely foreign concept.

Anyway, I painted our master walls big swatches of woodsmoke, and expectantly waited for Hubs' adoration of this gorgeous color which will transform our room.

He didn't like it.

I almost cried, and started talking about pink bathrooms.

He likes it now.


  1. I love the color- good luck!

  2. Yellow and gray is such a great color combo! I would not have thought so until I actually saw those colors together and I love it :) Woodsmoke will look so pretty with your yellow bedding!

  3. Yes! I absolutely had field parties. When I told my classmates at college, they did not understand. Nothing like kicking back on the tailgate of someone's truck around the bonfire. Ahh, memories.... :) Also, I love the gray and yellos is my favorite color - so great choice on both!


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