Jul 7, 2011

Just Plumb Tuckered Out

Friday night we attended a fabulous birthday dinner for two special ladies.  I had to blush, as we had been to the same restaurant a week earlier for a different birthday dinner (I adore this dining establishment, so that was lovely with me).  However, when we arrived, the bartender gawped at us and looked a bit horrified that we were to be dining in the back room again.  We were the very last diners to leave the previous Friday. . . or maybe it had to do with the very specific and complicated after-dinner drinks one of friends instructed the waitress to create.  They involved ice cream and brandy (he was a bit in his cups, I believe).

However, we managed to leave before eleven this time, and did not become too rowdy.  Quite an accomplishment, considering the number of fun-havers at our table for 24.

The remainder of the weekend was spent pooling, laking, and visiting with old and new friends.  Actually, three new little friends, as I got to meet Peg and Hunt's trips.  These girls are home from the hospital and raring to go!  Well, they do a lot of sleeping and snuggling, and are the cutest little things I've set my eyes on in a while.  I'll post pictures after I check with their mama to make sure she is down with the girls making an appearance on the interwebs.

So, thank goodness for this four day week, as my holiday weekend just wore me out!  Why is it that we need vacations to recover from our vacations?  I'm all in favor for a permanent four day work week, sigh.


  1. Look at how pretty you are, SF!

  2. What a fun girls picture! I will cast my vote for the 4 day work week too.


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