Jul 27, 2011

Where I Have Been

First off, Dolly Parton was absolutely incredible.  If you have the opportunity to see her in concert - do not miss it!  I considered abandoning the law to follow her around on her world tour.  There was one lady who had dressed her two year old as a baby Dolly, and went to the front every song to wave the toddler in Dolly's face.  Now, I may want to be a Dolly groupie, but this kind of attention seeking is just wrong.  I mean, the baby looked like a down and out cocktail waitress, as she was wearing a Dolly Parton wig and sequins.

I might be biased as Baby Dolly's mama was sitting behind my friends, and jostled the hell out of them about 25 times running down the row to get to the aisle.  Thank goodness Dolly finally noticed the child, or else some trips to the chiropractor might be in order!

After that excitement, I slogged through half of the week, then hopped on a plane to join Hubs' family here-

As North Carolinians, it was their first time to the Gulf Coast.  We played lots of Scat, a card game which was new to me (I'm a gun rummy gal myself), hung on the beach, and ate lots of fresh seafood (oh, crab cakes at the Red Bar, how I adore thee).

I think I would be quite content to spend the rest of my summer right there on that front porch. 


  1. My husband and I and my parents are headed down to the Gulf Coast in September! Can't wait :)

    Glad that you had a great time at the Dolly concert! I'm so green with envy!!! Love her :)

  2. Color me Jello. I want to see Dolly and go to the Gulf and eat crab cakes! Awesome!

  3. We're down there right now and having the best time. Saw Miss Joyce and she said yall had been down here having some fun! xo

  4. Glad to hear Dolly was a great concert - how weird about that mom, though, Sheesh! And, the vacay to the Gulf looks great - that porch is very inviting!


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