Jul 28, 2011

A Sinking Feeling

Well, you don't have to be a nautical genius to know that this isn't good.

My boat done sunk.

 I bid the S&S a fond farewell- she's been there for half my life, towing me on skis or a tube, serving as a comfy tanning or napping lounge, witnessed lots of cliff jumping, rope swinging, and beer drinking, ferrying me faithfully around the lake and to football games.

But, since you are sunk, it's time.  Goodbye friend.  You may be replaced by a shiny new pontoon boat, but will always be my favorite.

S&S- the best Sunesta ever to grace the waters of Ft. Loudon Lake


  1. aw sad! I hope you get a new boat soon but of course it won't be the same. While i've never owned a boat, I get a little (too) emotional when I get rid of cars. I'm like this car was there for so much! It defined my time in college, etc. RIP, Sunesta!

  2. Oh No! I'm so sorry that your boat done sunk! Ok, that did truly make me laugh out loud but I do hate that you had to bid farewell to such a fabulous vessel. Bring on the pontoon! New follower...love the blog ;)


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