May 29, 2012

The 5-7 Diet (Eat More to Stay Slim!)

This is me a year ago.  This is the size I would like to be now.  I'm just 5-7 pounds away, but my body is different post baby.  After Dell Harper threw here first pool party this weekend (more to come on that adorable baby-fest), I realized that swimsuit season is here to stay.  Time to get serious!

Now I am loathe to diet in general, but especially while nursing.  I need plenty of fat and calories to pass along to Miss Priss.  However, the easiest way for me to lose weight involves nary a counted calorie or point.  All I do is make sure I get 5-7 (preferably 7+) servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  As long as I get those veggies and fruit in, I can eat whatever I want!  I think your body fills up so much on all those nutrients, that you can't overindulge too terribly in food that isn't as healthy.

So, I'm upping my apples and cutting back on the desserts.  Here's a typical day on my 5-7 plan (keep in mind I'm nursing so eating more than normal):

Breakfast: 3 Mini Freezer Fritattas (2 vegetable servings)
Snack: Apple and string cheese (1 Fruit)
Lunch: Quinoa Salad with veggies, brownie (2 veggie servings)
Snack: cherry tomatoes, turkey, triscuits and hummus (1 veggie serving)
Dinner: Stuffed shells, garlic bread and salad. (3 veggie servings)

Right now after dinner there is a Klondike Bar (they have these Heath Bar ones now, that are to die for!).  Due to the bathing suit issue, that Klondike bar is hitting the road.  Also hitting the road?  Miss Priss and I in her stroller. My goal is the hilly 2 mile walking path at least 5 times a week.  That, combined with Jazzercise on Saturdays should be a good start.

Are y'all with me?  Bikini confidence by the end of the summer!


  1. This is a great way to be healthy & get fit! I need to work on my veggie & fruit intake lol!!! :) Yes for bikini season. haha

  2. I need all the help I can get. If I make fruit ice cream, does that count as a fruit? Ha.

  3. I hear ya! I got in a bikini over weekend andwas not pleased so yeterday started the diet. Thankfully I'm like you, only 5-7lbs to go, but jeez they are a lot harder to lose in my thirties than they were in my 20s!

  4. I like this. I need this in my life. Of course, I'm sitting here eating pizza, so, maybe this might take me a bit! Ha.

  5. I'm with ya! This sounds like a great plan!

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