May 22, 2012

Charleston Wedding Weekend

I have just returned form a lovely wedding in Charleston celebrating Virge's nuptials.The weather held up, the bride was gorgeous and relaxed, and a marvelous time was had by all.  Congratulations Virge and Jake! Side note, the beautiful bride graduated from pharmacy school two days before her wedding, so she became a Dr. and a Mrs. all in the same weekend!

Miss Priss managed the car trip- we broke it up on the way there and stayed in Columbia for the night, leaving us just 2 hours on Saturday left to drive (the wedding was on Sunday night).  She had a break down the last 30 minutes because she was hungry, but was fine otherwise.  She attended about an hour of the bridal brunch, and was pretty grumpy.  I was disconcerted as normally she follows the dictum of good in public, bad in private (which is doable).  However, I think she just needed to get her bearings, as apparently she was lovely all afternoon and evening.  She was a smiley happy little thing on the long way home (praise Jesus!)

It was so wonderful to see all my dear friends and celebrate such a fun happy occasion.  I have to confess I was a ball of stress about being in a wedding with a baby in tow.  Luckily, her sweet little nanny came with us, and everything worked out fine. Haha, I did get a bit teary after being apart from Miss Priss all day long when I received a text from her nanny that they were giggling and snuggling up in bed before Dell Harper's bedtime.  Whoever would of thought I'd become such a mushball?  My mama is shaking her head at me right now I'm sure, thinking "I told you so, you twerp!"

Anyway, after traveling the last 3 out of 4 weekends with an infant, I am ready to hunker down at home, get her back on schedule (does anyone know anything about this four month sleep regression?  I believe we are dealing with that and I am not pleased), and get my life in order!

Except this is what my kitchen looks like (or did before we left).  Check out the original tile from 1963 the contractor uncovered.  Don't worry, it's not staying.

This is/was our family room.  The big open space used to be a wall.  There used to be a floor.   The ceiling is coming down any day.  Good gravy, what have I gotten myself into?


  1. you look incredible mama!!! so glad DH had a fun time on the beach trip...CC did well on ours, too so yay for little travelers!

    cant wait to see the house progress pictures

  2. Glad it was fun. And glad you had the nanny!! Your hair looked fab. I was worried about the weather not holding up but it did!
    What in the world are you doing to your kitchen? That is exciting!

  3. renovations are SO FUN! can't wait to see the progress :)

  4. Love your top, I have that same Elsa ;)


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