May 31, 2012

Hostess With the Mostess and Grocery Store Feet

Miss Priss hosted her first pool party Saturday.  It was rather hysterical.  The triplets and Caitlin attended.

Caitlin was very relaxed.

Miss Priss was especially pleased that a cute older boy attended her party.

Since no meltdowns had occurred, the guys ran to get barbecue and baby food, and we had dinner by the pool.

I'm glad that she had her first party before the current onset of grumpy behavior began on Sunday afternoon.  I'm afraid the next step for her reflux/GERD is seeing a specialist.  We are seeing her doctor tomorrow morning to check things out.  Has anyone been to a pediatric gastroenterologist?  Please give me some information if so!

I made stuffed shells times three this weekend- two new babies to admire, and my mama had surgery on Tuesday, so I wanted to have some for my family as well.

Good thing I have her kitchen, as mine currently looks like this-
Floors are in and cabinets are being painted! (River Gorge Gray by Benjamin Moore, in case you are curious).  I am too tickled.

Finally, my primary indicators of summer have arrived.  I have white trash legs (mosquito bit, bruised, and scratched up) and grocery store feet.  I am a professional lady!  I wear suits and high heels.  How is it the minute the weather heats up, I manage to look like a 4th grader hanging out at the ball park eating hot dogs?  It's a mystery for the ages.


  1. successful first party!!!! how did she do in the water?? CC was in my parents pool last weekend and loved every minute of it (for the 2 seconds we let her legs touch the water-HA!)

  2. White trash legs (and arms) are the bane of my existence in the summer. But I am looking slightly better this year since I've resolved to use bg sray & not scratch.

    But what are grocery store feet??

  3. "White Trash Legs" ... insert sigh of relief to know that I am not the only one who suffers from this. At the age of 30, I still can't resist scratching a mosquito bite. No self control whatsoever.

  4. Are you sure you weren't looking at my legs while you wrote this?

  5. I've had white trash legs since Derby Day, and don't really expect the situation to remedy itself until after Labor Day. I guess that's part of summer in the South...

  6. LOVE the floor! What kind of tile (is that tile?) did you use?? I am in the market to have my floors redone and love the look you've gone with.


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