May 23, 2012

Quick Eye Makeup Tutorial

 I had so much fun putting makeup on my fellow bridesmaids, Miss Purvis and Marge this weekend.  I also got to put a little lip gloss, mascara and eyeshadow on the preteen junior bridesmaids, which was exciting for all parties involved.

Miss Purvis requested that I post a tutorial on how I did her eye makeup on the blog, so here we go!

This is a super easy look, that takes five minutes for the entire face, and is great for girls who don't like to wear makeup. Note- I myself am not part of that category. I like to be as made up as possible, but am restricted only by time, manners, and the fact that false eyelashes aren't appropriate for the office.

Now I hate to blow my newfound reputation as a stellar makeup artist, but I have a confession.  I just follow the diagram on the back of the drugstore eyeshadow.

This Almay "Intense I-Color" for green eyes eyeshadow palette is awesome.  Start with your liner- I used my liquid Loreal liner on Marge and myself- starting at the halfway point of the eye, and smudging with my finger.  For Miss Purvis (since she has a greater aversion to makeup), I used her own charcoal pencil liner and lined the entire top half of the eye.

I didn't do any liner on the bottom for any of gals since it was a wedding and someone might cry.  Also, we were all pretty exhausted.

Then you simply sweep the plum shade just past the eyelid crease.

Next, sweep the gray shadow from the crease and up.

Finally, add the sparkly pink along the brow bone, and in the corner of your eye (by your nose).  Add mascara and voila!  Your look polished and "done" in about two minutes, ( five if you add some foundation and BLUSH (most important to look rosy and fresh), and a bright lip gloss).

Also, try that Almay eyeshadow.  It looks great on everyone's coloring, and won't break the bank!

Any makeup (from the drugstore) that makes your face?  Please share your secrets ladies!

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