May 16, 2012

Impromptu Out of Pocket

We were surprised with an impromptu trip to the Beach Barn to join my family for Mother's Day.  Dell Harper had a multitude of "firsts", which has resulted in a bit of grumpiness, but it was well worth it.
 She adored her first plane ride- I fed her on take off and landing, and she played and snoozed the rest of the time.  If only she liked the car as much as a plane!
Brother and Emily went down as well.  The four of us got to have a "kids dinner" out, while Mama and Daddy babysat the sleeping Miss Priss Saturday night.

Em's family was down at Watercolor as well, and they joined us for a feast of fresh from the Gulf New Orleans barbeque shrimp.  (recipe here- make it now, please, because it is to die for!)

Hubs approved.

Miss Priss did not feel like cooperating for Mother's Day photos.  However, she did give me and Mama a lovely gift on Monday- she rolled over for the first time! It was extremely exciting for all parties involved.  Law, I never thought seeing something roll over could give me such a thrill.

It was a different type of beach trip, considering I saw the beach and the pool for about ten minutes each.  It was lovely to get to relax however, especially since I returned to a mountain of work and a ripped up kitchen and den.  It comes as no surprise that renovating your house with a 15 week old baby is a terrible idea.

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  1. These pictures make me grin - you are so beautiful and happy!


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