May 7, 2012

Monday Mundanities

Is mundanities a word?  It's what this post consists of, so I am rolling with it.

  • I had my first cocktail flu in about a year on Sunday- Saturday's derby party, paid babysitter, knowing I didn't have to  feed until the morning, and not having to teach Sunday School, combined with a super lightweight tolerance led to me overserving myself with pinot grigio. I was a mess!  But, I learned my lesson.  Cocktail flu plus a baby? Worst combination ever.
No sympathy from this little cutie.
  • In other annoying news, my arm is COVERED in poison ivy.  I want to just chop off my arm, because then it would quit itching.  I'm all about rational solutions here.

  • In good news, I bought this top in green and white from Sears on Sunday.  They have a great selection of Lands End there.  Did y'all know that?  I did not, until Hubs informed me.  I might pop back in to get one of those bathing suits that sucks everything in before our upcoming beach trip.

  • If anyone wants to send me this little Nanette Lepore number, I would really appreciate it.  Perf for Virge's rehearsal dinner, and for DH's baptism (which I need to set up soon).

So that's it around here. I have lots of freezer friendly recipes to share with you this week (unless I cut off my arm, and can't type).


  1. Look at those beautiful blue eyes! I'm looking forward to your freezer recipes - my make-ahead meal list is too short. A stocked freezer might help me avoid the PB&J dinner I end up with at least once a week.

  2. So sorry about the poison ivy, no fun. I feel ya on the combo sick and baby care. I got food poisoning on day 6 of my husbands week-long business trip on Friday, 2 month olds show no mercy. Can't wait to see the freezer recipes, I'm heating up the last freezer meal that I made pre-baby tonight. I need to restock!

  3. I so want that dress! Please buy and loan it to me! And loving the picture of your little blue-eyed beauty! She's such a cutie!

  4. She is such a doll! Yeah, I remember my first cocktail flu after baby, then having to be up early with the baby. Not good, not good at all.


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