Dec 13, 2012

A Confession Regarding Taylor Swift

I really, really, really like Taylor Swift's clothes.

I also think that "Never Ever Ever Ever" nonsense is absolutely ridiculous.  Although, way to go, Tay-Tay, for funneling that fantasy every girl has throughout middle school and high school, of becoming a famous pop star and singing revenge songs to all the boys who have wronged you.  Good job on that one.  Take that, John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal.

These revenge songs have had the added bonus of being extremely financially lucrative, allowing Miss Swift to buy a bunch of coats that I really want.  Above is a mere sampling.

She also has a bunch of red dresses used to (not-so-creatively) promote her album titled Red.  Perhaps I should explain to Taylor that my signature color is red, full skirted dresses are my favorite, and I really must have these.

 I'll take these black and white numbers as well.

Normally, I would not think I have the ability to pull off this much yellow.  However, T-Swizzle and I have very similar coloring, so maybe it would work.  In fact, I just took a picture of her most recent hair color into the salon, as my winter dark blonde goal (my google searches on T-Swift might point to the stalkerish as of late).

Ah, and then the red skinnies, Breton shirts. Love it.  Then the polka dots and cigarette pants?  I die.  So, I guess it's time to get song writing.  Too bad mine of late would be more along the lines of  "We Are Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Going to Find a Babysitter for Next Saturday Night"

So relatable.  It's going to be earn me lots of pretty coats, I just know it.


  1. Hahaha, glad to know I'm not the only one obsessed with those red dresses. Gorg. You could totally rock these looks. And I would SO buy that babysitter song on iTunes!

  2. She might be a tad bit crazy but she does have a great wardrobe!

  3. I'm not the biggest Taylor Swift fan but her clothes are SUPER cute. I think she could take a fashion risk every now and then though!
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  4. I think Taylor Swift is adorable. My girls love her too. Hope you're feeling better. Love your cute blog.

  5. LOL, as I have a 11 year old boy that thinks Taylor Swift hung the moon...I can totally appreciate this post! She does dress wonderfully and has that cute little teenage figure to carry it off! Though, my son's parakeets don't love Taylor so much (or maybe the do) because they go nuts when he plays her RED CD!

  6. I totally agree! She dresses well but her songs are obnoxious!!!!! If you get the coats can we share??!!

  7. I love her style! I get confused by her casual wear sometimes, but she almost always looks flawless classic and polished for events. Love to rock a red lip myself, so I dig her for that reason too.


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