Dec 11, 2012

Party Pooper

So, I was so excited about AK and Dixon's engagement party Saturday night.  I just love a good party- especially one on the dressier side.  I had a red wool dress, with darling gold buttons, all ready to roll, and I had gotten a new hairdo on Friday. 

We had a dinner out with another couple on Friday, but I had been feeling off all day.  I just couldn't get warm, but attributed it to the fact that I got forgotten about while letting a conditioning treatment soak in at the salon, so sat for 15 minutes in a t-shirt, smock, and wet hair.  I drank ginger ale to quell my nausea, took a hot bath to relieve my achy bones, and ignored the pain on the right side of my chest.  I took a megadose of Aleve and drank a margarita to kill the feverish aches.

In summary, I acted the fool.

After making our through dinner, I got home and confessed to the babysitter (my mom), that I was chilled to the bone, and thought I might have mastitis.  She immediately felt my forehead, pronounced me hot, and told me to call my doctor.  Antibiotics were called in, Morgan ran to the 24 hour pharmacy for me, and I crawled into bed, and hoped for the best.

Saturday?  I was knocked flat on my ass.  I have a whole new sympathy for y'all who have suffered through this.  I am still unclear as to why I was struck after 10.5 months of nursing, but it is just AWFUL!  I did not make the party, but sent Morgan on his merry way, only to receive a phone call a few minutes later.

Not just an engagement party.  It was a surprise wedding celebration!  The bride and groom were greeting everyone at the door in their wedding togs. 

I could have just spit.  Instead, I made a frozen pizza, downed multitudes of antibiotics, and had a major pity party.

Anyway, I went to work this week, but am still feeling like I have the flu, albeit without a fever, so I am going to get checked out again today.  Ladies, if you have had mastitis- let me know- how long does this plague last?  Anything else I should know?

So, many congratulations to the happy couple!  I can't wait to see y'all once you return form the mini-moon, and I am recovered.  Luckily, I have three parties this weekend, so my party-pooping won't last too long!


  1. Sweet girl! That sucks. I had in at like 4 months. It ran its course after I started antibiotics in about 3-5 days. I hope yours goes away quickly. AK looked stunning in the one photo I have seen!!

  2. Aw, not only does it stink to have to deal with not feeling well, but I know you hated missing that party!

  3. bless your sweet heart...that just makes me so sad for you and having to deal with the sickness and discomfort from all of that, not to mention having to miss the celebration. get to feeling better friend :(

  4. Booooooo mastitis! I am so sorry! I've had it twice, and I start to feel not Wholly & Completely & Utterly Terrible about 48 hours after starting antibiotics. Still takes a few days after that to feel 100%.

    For the future (hopefully this advice won't be necessary), if you can catch it before the fever, you'll feel better much quicker! Both times, I've had breast pain and chills first prior to starting fever. This past time, I called my OB right away, took the first two pills, went to bed right after putting L down, and avoided getting worse.

  5. You poor thing! And to miss a surprise wedding -- crappy. Feel better!

  6. I am so very sorry! Mastitis is the worst!!! I found that a heating pad help a ton. I hope you are feeling much better.


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