Dec 3, 2012


  • I am very excited for Prince William and Princess Kate- royal baby, hurrah!

  • We have a very busy December- I was laughing with the nanny we need to just book her for every weekend night of December. 

  • Dell Harper and I cheered on the Dawgs Saturday.  She mirrored my enthusiasm when Georgia played well, but was drove me crazy when I was trying to concentrate.  She felt that my eyes and arms needed to be on her at all times.  I was of the opinion that my eyes needed to be on the tv and my arms needed to be cradling a cold drink.  Luckily, Hubs and my parents came to the rescue, allowing me to concentrate and imbibe.  What a heart breaker.  Good luck, Notre Dame.  You will need it.

  • Did I tell y'all I quit the Junior League?  This happened when I was on maternity leave, and a wee bit hormonal.  I got all kinds of ticked off with various fiscal management issues, the inefficiencies of the way the board handles committees and duties, and the amount of time wasted in the dad-gum meetings!  I talk to friends in other cities, and it seems to be a problem specific to my town's Junior League.  At least 10 of my friends have also quit, so I was not alone in my feelings.  I have not missed it at all, so I think I made the right decision!

  • We're gearing up for my family's annual chili party- just sent out the invites. Miss Priss made the cut this year, although she will not be attending- she will be at our house in her jammies instead.

  • Finally, in completely unrelated news, have I told y'all about how terribly awful our local paper's restaurant critic is?  Just terrible!  I can't stop hate reading, and getting all fired up.  It would probably be better for my stress levels if I just stopped reading, but I just can't help myself!  Here's a recent review of the airport Hilton restaurant for your perusal.
Whelp, that was a lovely mish mash of semi-coherent thoughts.  Sometimes I feel like an absolute looney tune, because I forget that my friends the read the blog.  I'll mention something that they already know about, and I can't for the life of me figure out how they know about whatever tidbit I'm discussing.  Oh, right, because I put it on the world wide web.  I swear, I get more spacey with every day that passes.


  1. I quit the NY Junior League this spring after almost 2 years as a co-chair of my committee. It truly was my exposure to the "higher up" stuff that stuck in my craw. There was such a lack of common sense and logical approaches to simple organizational tasks, I couldn't take it. I also don't miss it (and I like having my dues money in my pocket)!

  2. i bought my hubs's goddaughter the same pajamas. so cute:)

  3. Sorry I'm blog stalking you like a month late - using my vacation days to get caught up after a busy December. Love this post! It feels like something I would write myself. I cracked up at your terrible local food critic, and felt such sisterhood as another former Jr. Leaguer. I quit after one term on our board- for similar reasons. I don't miss it.


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