Dec 6, 2012

Taking it Too Far

  • So, as mentioned yesterday, I like old things that are a little worn.  However, I looked in the mirror yesterday at work, and noticed my positively ancient cashmere sweater was absolutely riddled with holes.  I thought there was just one (acceptable) when I left the house.  6  holes?  Unacceptable.

  • I can't stop eating homemade Chex Mix.  Why is it so much more exciting than the store-bought kind?  I only like the chex, cheerios, pecans and sesame sticks items.  One year I made it myself and left out the peanuts, pretzels, etc., in order to avoid picking around those.  It was not nearly as satisfying.  Weeding through my least favorites components apparently increases my enjoyment.

  • So, Dell Harper has finally broken me.  I started having all this pain in my thumbs.  At first, i chalked it up to sympathy pain for my Mama, who just had both of her thumbs replaced.  Then, I started to worry, so I consulted Dr. Google.  The diagnosis?  "Mommy Thumb".  I shit you not.  That link is a Wall Street Journal article, not some Baby Center forum mumbo jumbo.  I am trying to pick up my 23 pound sack of sugar in a way that puts less stress on my wrist, and carry her less, but I think a cortisone shot or splint is in my future.  Lordamercy.


  1. Oh my word. That sounds painful. Darn babies.
    I made the chocolate chex mix stuff, terribly named puppy chow, and it was devoured at the house...

  2. I suffered from Mommy Thumb, too. I think it was from hauling around her infant carrier for 8 months! I actually got the cortisone shot AND one of those fancy wrist splints. After a couple of weeks it was much better and now it rarely bothers me! Hope it feels better soon!

  3. As my son Babyface has gotten heavier (25lbs), I've been trying to sit on the floor with him more rather than constantly hefting him up and holding him. I got a functional (if not beautiful) Back Jack floor chair so I can sit comfortably and give him tons of hugs and cuddles.

  4. I can't say enough about my recent Cortisone shot for my poor achin' feet. Yes, this event planner has done ruined her lovely feet. Have arthritis and I am just NOT. THAT. OLD. So, if you need it, go for it. I'm sure your guns are looking gorge however carrying that beautiful sack o shuga!


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