Dec 18, 2012


It was a whirl of a weekend, with a tacky Christmas party on Friday night, my family's annual chili party on Saturday night, and a mother daughter holiday tea on Sunday.
I got into the tacky spirit, involving a beret, poinsettia scarf, and long plaid skirt.  I also upped my tacky factor by imbibing too much wine.  I blame the deceptively large plastic cups which the drinks were served in.  And the fact that the waist of my 1970's junior's plaid skirt was so tight that eating wasn't much of an option.  I dig the skirt though- take off the vest and mock cotton turtleneck?  It could be a winner.  However, I will have it altered to allow food consumption, I believe.

Saturday night the same bartender worked my family's party, so I stuck to sparkling water- what's that saying about closing the barn door after the horse is loose?  I forgot to take a single picture at the party, but I have gobs of recipes for appetizers perfect for your holiday get totterers to share with y'all this week.

Sunday I was so thrilled to take Miss Priss to her first holiday mother daughter tea.  We were a bit late, due to nap time, and mainly watched the big girls decorate cookies, but Dell Harper loved it.  I guess she was ready to socialize after all two nights being left home with a babysitter!

So now I am slogging along, trying to get my work done without having a complete freak out regarding the state of my office and the amount of work which will go into preparing for my departure (just not going to think about it until after Christmas, I'll deal with it then- repeated throughout the day under my breath).


  1. Look how cute Dell Harper is in her red dress! Love that smile!

  2. i love the outfit!!! and what a fun idea, a mother daughter tea...i cannot wait to be able to do things like that with caroline!

    and no, no stress allowed...just like scarlett o'hara says "i'll think about that tomorrow" ;)


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