Dec 5, 2012

Old vs. New

So, lately I have had a redecorating itch.  I want to cast off all my furnishings and have new, crisp, clean ones in their stead.

Neutral and soothing.  By design.

Stylish and on trend.

Furniture that is planned, as opposed to randomly amassed from hand-me-downs and side-of-the-road-antique store finds.

Something out of the pages of a magazine like these beautiful rooms.

Then I went to a party last Sunday.  A gorgeous home, yet one that was a bit of a mish mash.  Fine art, good antiques, oriental rugs.  Warm and welcoming, but not decorated per se.  Stacks of books and framed photographs scattered everywhere.  Much like the house I've grown up in, and my other favorite homes in town.  Kitchens large enough to all crowd into, but smaller than some of the ocean liner islands you see in more updated houses.  A patina of years of living in and among the same accoutrements.

Source: via Samma on Pinterest

Source: via Samma on Pinterest

It felt wonderful.  I loved the lack of pretension, the comfort of being somewhere so lived in- the glimpse of the people who lived there.  Luckily for my marriage and bank account, I suddenly felt okay with my traditional furnishing and antiques, book, and all the pattern and color in my home.

So, I will attempt to turn my head at fast furnishings that catch my eye, and eschew trends- instead I should appreciate the beauty in what is a classic English Country style, not what's in (without skewing old lady, country, or shabby chic, obvi).

How do you lean- new, soothing and clean?  Old, cozy and cluttered?  Patterns or solid neutrals?


  1. You have described exactly how I was feeling! I wanted a straight out of a magazine look...then I went to a family friend's house - and I just loved how it felt like home. So I am going to strive for that - home.

  2. I'm a minimalist (or try to be), so I like clean lines and straight edges, BUT I do enjoy the coziness of a mish-mash room. Especially for sitting around, watching TV or playing a game. Difficult to have both in a condo though....

  3. We are totally cozy and hodge-podge and we love it! The kids and their friends bounce on the couches (which are covered with dog hair), the ancient oriental area rugs are threadbare and chewed on (by the dogs), ancient quilts keep us cozy at night and double as tents or magic carpets during the day, and most of the art on the walls is a steady progression of the kids' work from age 3 to present.

  4. I love the look of clean crisp spaces but peppered with funky accents and art from a life of travel and adventure. Right now I'm living in a big white loft with concrete floors and a tin ceiling - so my space reads kind of modern, even though most of my furnishings are traditional. I keep two different design boards, one for ideas suited for my current space, and one for my dream home (filled with my fictional future husband kids and pets).


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