Feb 10, 2014

A Little Hazy

So I have pleasant memories of my c-section recovery with Dell Harper.  You know when they are in that pet-rock stage the first two weeks?  Unable to drive, in a fog of sleepless nights and lots of cozy naps together, I was pretty content.  I rarely ventured out of pajamas (or a reclined position), and soaked up life with a baby, and people bringing me food and presents.

This time is a little different.  I want to be lounging with this little fella, and letting my body heal.

But I also want (and am required) to be hanging out and caring for this wild woman-

So, I get dressed every morning in real clothes.  I bend and lift (not DH though, don't worry!).  I clean and make breakfasts and lunches, and generally feel much more with it than I did with Miss Priss.  As everyone tells you, the second child is much easier, simply because you have a handle on what to expect and your life has already changed so much.  You already have to get a babysitter, can't go shopping or indulge a whim, so it's not a shock to the system.

Anyway, the other morning I finally get Deeds down in the wee hours (he seems to be doing well until around 4 AM ((by well I mean up every 3 hours))), lay my head on my blessed pillow, then DH wakes up as soon as I shut my eyes.  She's ready for action, and only wants me.  No problem- we watch some Sprout, make some green smoothies, and have a little dance party.  Eventually, Morgan is leaving for work, Deeds is up and ready to eat, and I cannot find my phone for the life of me!  Morgan looks everywhere in the couch and family room, since I am having trouble bending and I am hurting pretty badly from all the morning action.  Finally after an hour of searching (luckily work was slow this morning), he finds it.

In the dishwasher.

Yep, I've got it ALL under control.


  1. Keep these pictures coming!! Deeds is a doll! Glad you found your phone.

  2. Look at his little nose. I'm so glad to hear that both of your C sections went well for you. I'm a ways away from having babies myself but my mom had 3 Cs and I'm thinking they're my future. Did you ever post with DH about your first C experience?

  3. hahahah in the dishwasher! Momma needs some more sleep! No one would judge you if you called in a sitter to watch Deeds while DH was at school and took a LONG nap!! It's your right as a mom to a toddler and an infant!


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