Feb 28, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  Gwyneth's Avoccado Toast.

Ezekiel bread, vegenaise, and sliced avocado, sprinkled with salt.  I can't stop eating it- my new breakfast of choice.  Sometimes I add a hard boiled egg, or a fried one on top.  Oh, Gywneth.  You drive me bonkers with your diet flip-flops and obliviousness, but this non-recipe dish is delish.

2.  My newly re-upholstered chairs.  Love this fabric that I bought a coon's age ago.  Finally got around to having the chairs redone.  LOVE!

 For those of you in my area, I highly recommend Knox Upholstery.  I read about Rachel in Southern Living, but what sold me was that I could simply text her pictures of the chairs, and got a quote (thanks to the two year old and newborn, all my communication takes place via text nowadays).  Her turn around was next day (!) and the chairs look wonderful.

3.  Dell Harper's big girl room is starting to come together-

I still have a lot of work to do, but I wanted to show y'all this quick canvas I did for her wall.  It took about ten minutes- just hearts cut out of tissue paper and mod-podged onto an old canvas.  Not the most perfect, but a fun little decoration for her wall.

4.  Carseat Canopy

When I was pregnant with Deeds, a friend sent all of us preggos a promo code for a free carseat canopy she found in the back of US Weekly.  I gave it a shot, and love my canopy!  I got a free sling too.  The quality is great, and it's perfect for letting Deeds get some rest when out and about. 

 Anyway, I just got an e-mail that they are running the free canopy promotion again.  Here's how to get it-

2. Click on "Shop Now" and choose your favorite Carseat Canopy!
3. Once you have made your selection, you'll automatically be directed to your shopping bag. Enter the promo code "
MARCHMADNESS14" and we will deduct 100% off the cost of your Carseat Canopy. 

Order and enjoy!

5.  Siblings

I made a remark last night about "both my kids".  Weird.

They are starting to look more and more alike.  I must say that I have some exceptionally cute babies.  Not biased at all, obviously.

I hope you all have a wonderful  weekend!  I am so excited to get out and attend a dear friend's wedding.  It will be my first night out- whoohoo!  Now to find something to wear that is pumping friendly and figure flattering.  Sigh.

Thanks, ladies for hosting the link-up!


  1. I want something with avocado so badly right now! I take one avocado, mush it up with olive oil, salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes and a touch of lemon juice and put it on sourdough toast almost every day at lunch! Love the chairs by the way & Happy weekend!

  2. Stop it. Those are the cutest kiddos. Her canvas is cool and I need the fabric on those chairs. Perfect choice. Come decorate my house?

  3. They ARE so cute! And I will definitely have to try that yum toast

  4. I've been having the same thing for breakfast lately too, but I didn't even know it was a Gwen thing. I usually have it with a fried egg and tomatoes too. Loooove it!


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