Feb 13, 2014

What I'm Staring at with Glassy Eyes

AKA cool stuff from Pinterest that keeps me entertained in the wee hours of the morning.

Love this idea from a show house found on Houzz.  It would be great to have each person in the household's name on totes, so when you do your nightly pick-up sweep, you can just carry around each bag, and stuff the person's clutter in there.  Or gently and lovingly clean up after the people you care about.  Whatever.

I have been vacillating between to continuing to let my hair "grow" (it doesn't go past its current point, no matter what I do) or bobbing it.  When it begins the inevitable post-natal shed, I think a easy loose bob like this would be super cool, and not too "mommy-ish".
I wonder if it would work on my thick, wavy/curly hair?

I want to take a leave of absence from my responsibilities, and jet off for a couple weeks in Italy.  An imaginary Italy where it is warm yet there are no crowds or vacationing Germans. Or vacationing Americans besides myself.

This wardrobe is exactly what I would bring (in my imaginary trip I have shed all my baby weight plus an extra five pounds).

I'm so effortlessly chic in my imaginary life.

I hate having our phones and iPad laying all over the kitchen counter- where the inevitably reside.  It really annoys me for some reason, so I am now wishing for a drawer like this:

I just loved lime-washed brick.  You rarely see it here in Knoxville, but it is everywhere in Atlanta.  When I lived in a nanny cottage in Buckhead during law school, I would walk for a five mile stretches just to admire all the beautiful homes like this one.

Random fact- Danielle Rollins' house backed up to my little cottage.  Or rather the back end of the Rollins' estate backed up to my cottage.  The end that contained a full basketball court.  That thumping of their son's basketball still haunts my studying-for-law-school-exam nightmares.

 Okay, wrapping up with these delightful paintings by Janet Hill.  I want to purchase every print- they somehow evoke the charm/whimsy of a Wes Anderson movie without being twee or precious.  I love them all but have my eye on these prints-

Thoroughly charming!

So that's it for me.  It's funny- I get so over my electronics and internet, but with nursing around the clock Pinterest and my Kindle are my closest companions of the non-children variety.


  1. Yep I remember spending a LOT of time on Twitter and blogs when I was nursing in the middle of the night. My phone was my best bud, no nursing session was complete without it! I like the idea of the bags a lot. We have a two story house and I think I am always running up the stairs to put someone's something away. The bags would be awesome.

  2. I want that drawer -- what a great idea!


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