Feb 19, 2014

Cool Stuff on the Internet- Kids Edition

Okay, it's time for another round of random stuff I found on Pinterest.  I promise for an actual coherent post featuring a cookie recipe at some point, but not today.

1.  I feel like such a redneck having Miss Priss' plastic slide and toys hanging out in our front yard, all willy nilly.  It's time to get the back yard in order- we have the perfect spot to put a play area just like this one.  I sense a project coming up for Morgan. . . or me and Mama more likely.

2.  I always feel like I am impossibly behind on recording things that my child(ren!) do, and I won't remember them.  Because I am, and I won't.  If I could get my tail in gear and make a simple memory box like this, it would greatly help.  Maybe a magic elf will make me one?  It's pretty cute, simple and looks like it would be doable for sure.

3.  Between being 9 months pregnant, extreme cold and snow, and now having to juggle a newborn and a terrible just-turned-two-year old (who's not terrible at all, just ready to play at all times), we have been watching entirely too much tv. I have the Sofia the First theme song in my head constantly.

Completely unrelated aside- one of my best friends from college had White Christmas stuck in her head for about six months one summer and fall.  Now whenever I have a song stuck in my head for longer than a day, I think of Virginia crooning "I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiiii-te Christmas. . ." as we headed to tailgates or sat by the pool.  It was amazing.

Anyway, so in all my spare time, when I am not busy keeping children alive, working, trying to keep dog hair at bay, or sleeping, I am going to try out some of these fun activities for Dell Harper, in an attempt to keep TV watching to a manageable level.  They might also be helpful for the copious amount of time I spend nursing.

So Busy Bags to the rescue.  I'm excited- hitting the dollar store tomorrow, and hope it will inspire me!

Find this here.

I also love this shape-sorting game-

And playdough mats?  How fun are these?

So, I'm feeling all inspired.  However, considering it's taken me three days to write this post, and I have a thirty page statute to read for work, Dell Harper will likely no longer be a toddler by the time I get around to making this cool stuff for her.  It's all about intention, right?

If y'all have any (screen-free) tips for occupying big sister while nursing an insatiable newborn, please let me know!  She is good about 75% of nursing time, but manages to wreak a lot of havoc that other little bit.

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  1. Rachel has some fun toddler ideas that would also work at your dollar store spree - lots of play with around the house items.


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