Feb 11, 2014

Post Partum Wardrobe

As I've mentioned, unlike DH's birth, I have to wear real clothes this time around.  I struggle enough with getting DH dressed (don't you just love the NO! and MINE! stages of toddlers?).  If I stayed in my pjs, there would be no way to ever get her in pants and a shirt.  I can hear it now- "Mama in pjs?  Da-Hapa in pjs, too!!".  So, I have been perusing lots of online apparel options in my current house-bound state, and I have my eye on the following.

Have y'all seen Loft's new "lounge" line, Lou & Grey?  It's just darling- perfect, cozy clothes for those of us who are toddler wrangling, or prefer to look dressed without actually getting out of our pajamas.

Here's what I am longing for (these can all be found on the above link- I am too tired to find the individual links):

It all looks so soft.  As well, as, ahem, forgiving of the various lumps and bumps with currently comprise my figure. Perfect bum covering length to wear with leggings without being self-conscious.  And machine washable?  Be still my beating heart!

In a more colorful, but no less forgiving vein, I have been thinking about a Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popover for some time (9 months of not being able to buy real clothes leads one to obsess about going into an actual store and buying attractive clothing).

How cute is this?  You get to wear a sweatshirt that hides the tummy pooch, yet look put together!  Sign me up please.

For any upcoming occasion where I have to look reasonably nice, my current collection of Elsa tops will come to the rescue.  I might even have to go ahead and make my bi-annual addition to said collection.  These shirts are magical.  Even if you are not a Lilly fan, go ahead and buy a solid one.  I wore these throughout the pregnancy (well, not the last month), loved them while nursing DH because of the button down factor, and yet they are perfectly flattering when I am svelte and have a normal size chest.  It's like the sisterhood of the traveling top.  Except it stays in your own closet.

The prints hide a multitude of toddler and infant sins.  They are versatile for work, church and going out.  Have I sold you yet?  Ha!  I promise I'm not getting paid for this. You can find them on Lilly Pulitzer's website.

One final find-

Belly Bandit's Mother Tucker leggings-

I loved my Belly Bandit last recovery for incision protection purposes- it just kind of held everything in place.  Although I was reluctant to shell out $70 for a pair of leggings (that's like 4 pairs at Old Navy, people!), knowing that toddler chasing and cuddling would be in my future sold me.

Then I tried them on the day I left the hospital.

Holy shit.  These things work.  I immediately looked 5 pounds thinner, and my insides no longer felt like they might fall out.  Bending over was doable and general movement became more comfortable.  And did I mention the five pounds thinner?  I want to wear them every day.  And have been doing laundry in order to do so.  If you are having a c-section, go buy these leggings for recovery purposes.  If you are having a child, go buy these leggings for vanity purposes.  Worth every penny.

So now you know how I have been spending my time.  Online window shopping.  And lots of Pinterest.  Post on that upcoming.  A girl's got to do something at 2 AM when she is feeding her child non-stop.


  1. Hm I think the interwebs ate my comment, however - the tops are all really REALLY cute! Thanks for the tips on all

  2. I have a skipper popover and wear it a lot. I want that cowl neck tunic up there. It does look soft.

  3. you have to pass the time somehow my sweet friend!!! i think you look gorgeous no matter what... i am loving some of these essentials, especially the bright fun tunic tops...perfect for spring that better get here ASAP!!

  4. Those leggings look amazing! These are a lot of great finds!

  5. I love this! I totally feel your pain on getting dressed and ready to play with a toddler in tow. I just said the other day, what did I do with all my time when I just had a newborn?! Ha! I just bought the bellefit girdle and it is seriously a game changer. I think it would be awesome for a c-section too (I had one with my son). I am definitely picking up some of those leggings though, I need some lifting and tucking! :)


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