Dec 10, 2014

Christmas Decor!

 I have had so much fun decorating the new house this year- the first year in the last five that I have had time to decorate.  I was either slammed with work (end of the year is notoriously bad for commercial real estate lawyers) or very pregnant.

 A simple boxwood wreath on the front door and windows.

I like things very natural for Christmas- fresh greenery, clove-studded oranges, nativities and some glass ornaments thrown around.

My first staircase!  And first staircase garland!

It's a cedar garland- I wired in some magnolia, fir, pinecones and oranges.  It smells divine.  I'm sure next year's attempt will be a bit better, but I like it for my first try.

I'm going to add some color to the vases on the mantel- probably some pepper berry.  You see my magnolia garland?  Pretty, huh? It should be, because it took me about three hours to wire that shit together.

Dell Harper did an excellent job sticking all the cloves in my oranges.

This metal folk art nativity was my Christmas present  last year.  It makes me very happy.

My new nativity made by my very talented Mama.  I need to add in some greenery and arrange, but I really just want to play with the figures, ha!

My kitchen is looking rather cheery as well, but I need to clear off the counters before I expose that to the world.

The rest of the house tour will come eventually. . . once I recover from the magnolia garland making.


  1. Looks good! I love your stair garland! What swag!!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE it all! I am giving you a serious slow clap for that magnolia garland. I was dying to make some, but alas, no magnolia in the yard for the picking. My sweet darling children DID come home from the park with pockets full of neatly arranged magnolia leaves they bogarted from someone's tree on the walk home, so I added bunches of those into my cedar/fir garland. Just making the dozen or so bunches for that had me crazy- I cannot fathom the patience it took for the whole garland!

  3. Your house is beautiful!! And your decorations are perfect :)

  4. Love all those details but the staircase, oh my, it is PERFECTION!

  5. Absolutely stunning I love love all the greenery!

  6. I am seriously impressed with your garland skillzzzzzz. Come do my house next year!

  7. I want your whole house. The decorations are perfection. My stair garland is synthetic and I didn't even have the heart to put it up this year because it's so super sad.

  8. Beautiful! Semi-unrelated, I love your "gallery wall" of actual art and not just photos. I think I've read on your blog in the past that you are a big fan of purchasing original art. Do you have any favorite (semi affordable) artists or suggestions on where to find pieces? I window shop on Etsy, but there is just so much to wade through there. Thanks for any suggestions!

  9. I love this! I can't believe I missed it earlier this month. Your home is classic and cozy -- perfection in my book!


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