Dec 23, 2014


First, I want to be transparent here.  This is not what this area of my house generally looks like.  These pictures are comprised of lies.  LIES, I tell you.
 Look at my darling son's new favorite activity.  Do you think my house stays clean for more than a hot minute?  Hell to the no.  Especially since I felt bad for him since he was sick for the first time, and took pictures of the complete destruction of the kleenex box, instead of taking it away.  I just need some peace sometimes.

 Anyhoo, this is the playroom.  It's right off the kitchen, and was ideal because they could happily play while I cooked and/or cleaned in the kitchen.  Then Deeds developed an insatiable need to climb/tumble the two steps into the family room.  Now constant vigilance is required until he learns to go down steps.

I know it's the hot thing to do these tiny little vignette shots, but I always want to see the room as a whole, as well as in relation to its surrounding rooms.  So here you go- not as pretty or glam.

 I just am enamored with this felt nativity that I got the kiddos.  Unfortunately, much to my chagrin, the only other person who likes it is Buddy.  Pouring out a cup of nog for you, Angel.  And two lambs.  May you rest in peace.  At least your demise came in the soft jaws of a golden retriever.

It's now packed away.

We've been crafting during Deeds' morning nap.  The little foam ornaments are $1 kits from AC Moore- there are 4 in each pack and a lot of fun.  I love that DH made all the decor for her area- she was so proud to have it all up on the wall.  Then promptly forgot about it.

These are the steps of doom.  It's a lovely area under the skylight, but other than that, I really don't see the attraction.  Crawl up, attempt to throw himself down, then repeat.  I have no idea how to even attempt to gate this off.  Suggestions encouraged.

On a less whiney note, I love what's become of this awkward little space.  Especially with very young children, a centrally located play-space is crucial for me.   We plan on transforming this area into a bar for big parties- it's the perfect set-up flow-wise for that.

So that's it- house tour will slowly continue as I manage to keep a space neat for long enough to snap quick pictures.  Slowly but surely.


  1. I laughed so much throughout this post. RIP little felt nativity people/animals!

  2. I love it! Looks so bright and cozy! And I appreciate your honesty about the mess. Our playroom never looks nice.

    Also, check out retract-a-gate! I loooooove our gate from them for the steps off our kitchen onto our bottom floor. They fit spaces up to 72" wide...not sure how big your space is!

  3. "pour a cup of nog out for you". Baahaa! You are hilarious! Merry Christmas friend! Enjoy those babies!

  4. I would love to purchase a set of the nativity for my soon to be grandchild. Are you willing to share the maker/website etc.? Thanks. Sara P.

  5. We have very similar steps of doom leading from our entry into our big common space. I haven't found a great solution other than we taught L to go down the stairs earlier than is probably advised (around a year). Eeek


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