Dec 19, 2014

Five on Friday- Christmas Dream Wish-list

Now, this is not a real wish list.  If a loved one is reading this, and thinks, "Hmm.  Maybe this is a hint, and I should purchase one of these items for Samma", rest assured it is not.  I want for nothing.  We have spent money on the kids, the trip to Nashville ended up being quite a bit more than what I had budgeted (ain't that always the way?), and (more importantly) we are throwing a big Boxing Day bash here.  Stuff adds up, and I would much, much rather do the above than get gifts.

Okay, disclaimer done.  If I was angling for some big ticket items, this is what I would ask for:

1)  This Dash and Albert Cottage Stripe Rug from Garnet Hill.

I am dying for a cotton rug to layer over our seagrass one in the playroom.  I love the sea grass, but it's murder on all the black yoga pants and leggings that comprise my uber-glam wardrobe.  Add in the golden retriever hair, and I look like a Yeti.  All the colors are so yummy, but I think I favor the autumn stripe.

Classic, and a wonderful way to look somewhat cute in my aforementioned glamorous duds.

3.  An Affair with a House and One Man's Folly

Design books never ever fail to delight me.

 4)  Metal Cachepot from Ballard

I have been really into flowers/greenery lately.  I love these cachepots.  My table requires two. ;)

Now we're getting into the realm of completely unnecessary.  I have a black tie event in February, but I have oodles of old dresses I can wear.  But this one?  Floral!  Pink bow!  Pockets!  It looks like you can eat in it- my prime requirement for an evening dress.  It's totally reasonable, but completely unneeded.  Maybe it will go on sale in January.

Anyway, I did ask for much-needed new stationery, and I'd love some new painting supplies, as I have been feeling the itch to get out some canvases.

I'm off to find some tacky Christmas gear for a party tonight! I'm hoping to raid my Dad's old stash of holiday-ish sweaters.  Mom's are long gone unfortunately, but he is a bit more of a pack rat.  Thanks to the Five on Friday ladies for hosting!


  1. Lovely list. I really liked the whole Bunny Williams collection. That dress is killer.

  2. I have that dress. I got it way on sale in early November...I think it may be out of stock, but if you can find it, you should get it - everything you said about it is true! :)


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