Dec 12, 2014

Five on Friday- Holiday Haps

1.  Family Pictures- I love, love, love our long overdue family pictures.  If you are local, call Thelen Wright- she is awesome!

2. Dell Harper's Christmas Program

I can't stop laughing.

There's not many things sweeter or funnier than a preschool performance.  DH loved being in the show and was very, um, exuberant.  Even while digging in her nose and doing her "cool moves" (aka ninja kicks).  

3.  Cheese dreams
We had church supper club last night.  I was charged with bringing an appetizer and tried out Cheese Dreams from Southern Living.  They are a Julia Reed recipe, and did not disappoint.  They tasted like tiny grilled cheeses.  And butter.  They tasted like a lot of butter.  Ha!
 You can tell I am exhausted and have a head cold in this picture, but at least I have on my party pants.

4.  Christmas Cards
Ours are in the mail.  I am quite proud of myself.  Plus I have FINALLY gotten all my little scraps of lists and address books together and put together a spreadsheet this year.  I am feeling rather smug about that.  This year we ordered from Paper Culture.  I stared at cards for way too long, and they all started to look the same, so we went with something very simple.  Paper Culture was over $200(!!) cheaper than the ones I liked a Minted.  My only kibble is that the cards seem slightly undersized, but I can deal with that, especially at the price.

5.  Smells of the Season
I've had this bubbling on my stove for the past week.  Divine!  Find the directions here.

 Christmas baby cuteness!  This wish list describes his wants to a T!

Merry Christmas!  And thanks to the Five on Friday ladies for hosting the link up!



  1. Ooh I need to try that Christmas scent. I bet it is yummy. Beautiful family pics!!

  2. i'm with you on the cuteness of preschool programs...caroline's is wednesday and i cannot wait!!!! LOVING that sweet card of yall's adorable fam to my friend! OXOX

  3. Love your Christmas cards! And love the family photos. You guys look REALLY happy! :) Serious genuine smiles! I love it!


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