Dec 29, 2014

Housekeeping- Kitchen Lights, Buying Art, Etc.

In order to avoid actual housekeeping (dismantling Christmas trees and sweeping pine needles is such a bore), I thought I would answer some questions that have been asked in the comments.

Several of you asked about the light fixtures in my kitchen.  I didn't reply because I had no idea where they are from- the people who installed them were 2 owners ago.  I had been meaning to give her a ring, but didn't want to bother during the busy holiday season.  The answer came in the form of a party guest this weekend who has the same fixture in her bedroom.  Pottery Barn!  Reasonable and easily accessible!

Here is the link- Pottery Barn Hundi Lanterns

Now, for even better news, you can also find knock-offs on Overstock for half the price.

Here's the link!

Next up, ART.

Y'all know what a big proponent I am of having real art in your home.  This can be a daunting task, especially since it is a slow process.  I know it's far easier to slap some inspirational messages up from Hobby Lobby and call it a day.  Be patient.

One of my favorite places to purchase art is from local artists.  I know, I know, "thanks, Captain Obvious."  However, check your paper for local art shows.  I discovered one of my favorite artists, Gary Dagnan, by going to a show at a library branch that my great-aunt had a piece in.  Speaking of Great-Aunt Marg, amateur artists are a wonderful and affordable way to get started with some pieces for your collection.

This is my favorite painting in the house- found at branch library art show.

Etsy can be tough to wade through, but I have found several pieces I love on the site.  A good sifter is actually Pinterest- look at paintings you like on Pinterest from Etsy, and it will take you down a rabbit hole of excellent art to your taste at reasonable prices.  Here's my Painting board.

Junk stores and estate sales involve some luck, but you can find some really fun stuff.  I recently found these pretty botanicals at an estate sale for less than the cost of their mattes.

 Also, junk store paintings alleviate one of the most costly aspects of art- framing.  Framing gets really pricey, especially if you like large pieces (I adore large pieces).  Along with re-upholstery, slip-cover creation, and curtain-making, framing is one of those arts I really, really need to learn how to do myself.  Someday.

Ask for art.  Cast aside your want for new boots, trendy earrings, and a J. Crew top.  They're going to go out of style, anyway.  Ask for something you see multiple times a day instead. Birthdays, Christmas, etc., ask for art!  Or cash to buy art.  Scout out favorite artists and drop copious hints.
Normally, my family does not do big Christmas presents, but I was thrilled to receive this gorgeous painting by Kathie Odom this year from my parents this year.  I keep catching myself standing in my keeping room and staring at the wall where it hangs.

That brings me to another suggestion- visit local galleries.  Especially the smaller ones.  Get on their mailing list and go to shows.  You never know what you will find!

Befriend artists.  HA! I know that sounds weird.  I am blessed with a ton of artists in my family, so I have wheedled work out of them.  Also, I drop a lot of hints that a perfect gift would be a piece of their art.  It never hurts to try!

A mother I nannied for in Atlanta has a fabulous artist mother (Eugenia Foster).  I babysat a multitude of children one weekend while the mother hosted a show for her mother's work.  I was thrilled when I was offered a painting in return for my services.
Isn't it beautiful?

Okay, finally, a confession.  I cheat sometimes, too.  I buy prints.  It's okay.  I have fallen in love with the work of Erin Gregory, but purchasing of some of her work is out of the budget right now.  However, she currently is selling prints on One King's Lane.  I think one might be a Christmas present to myself. . .
This is another print I purchase probably 5 years ago off One King's Lane.  I love it. And that's okay.

Okay, I applaud you if you have made it to the end.  One final question was the brand of the felt nativity set that Buddy has been decimating.  The answer is. . . I don't know.  I threw away the box.  However, I bought it at a local store called the Village Exchange, and they will likely know the answer if you give them a ring.  Also, if you google "children's felt nativity set" tons of similar options pop up.

Happy hunting!


  1. ok, this is toooo funny about not slapping up the inspriational pieces lol!!! I agree on artwork totally. I bought an awesome piece on etsy (artist below) and some local, charity auctions. My husband's grandfather was also an artist we have lots of pieces he did back in the 50's and 60's.

  2. I absolutely love this post, Samma! It's a goal of mine to replace some of the "filler" artwork with "real" artwork. I have some great pieces from consignment and estate sales. Having an artist sister is convenient, too!

  3. Love this post! I need to start buying big girl art to replace some of the photos I have on the walls:)

  4. My husband and I talk about adding real art to our house but have no idea where to start so this post was perfect! We have similar PB lights in our upstairs hallway

  5. If only every babysitting gig paid in gorgeous art! Love this post and your great tips.

  6. So I just finished reading Nicholas Sparks "The Longest Ride" and for some reason you remind me of part of the book, one of the couples collects real art and as the story continues the amazingness of it all builds. I love real art and hope that I can slowly incorporate it into our home more, thank you for all the suggestions of how to find it!


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