Dec 22, 2014

Party, Party, Party

 Miss Priss had her last day of school for the next two weeks Friday.  I was trying to save the vest for a Christmas present, but when I saw the rest of her ensemble I had to pull it out early.  It's from Garnet Hill, reversible, and so soft and furry!

I love Deeds' photo-bombing here.

After school, we made the best gingerbread cake.  And, even better, it was from a mix!  Go down to Trader Joe's and get the gingerbread mix.  It's super tasty- spicy and not too sweet.  Dell Harper added spindles, which were a tasty addition.  Both kids (and myself) devoured it to the point where it was embarrassing when Morgan got home.  There lay a third of a pan of gingerbread, a toddler, a baby, and me.  I blamed the children.

 Then we left those rascals, and headed off to dinner and a tacky Christmas party.  I had been feeling rather anti-social, but rallied and had a lovely time.  We behaved ourselves due to the fact that we were leaving for Asheville for Morgan's family Christmas the next morning.  Note- I did not want to behave myself.  I wanted to stay until the wee hours of the morning, find myself over-served, and want to hide from my darling children the next day.  Adulthood. Hmmph.

I managed to not take any pictures at said party, or barely any of North Carolina.  Too busy chatting (and child-chasing), I suppose.

 Accessorizing with her new high heels, tiara, bracelets, and Lord only knows what else.

 It's exhausting.

We had a grand old time with family (teenage cousins are the just the COOLEST to an almost 1 year old and almost 3 year old), then headed back Sunday just in time to head to an annual mother-daughter tea.

So darling.

After all that, I got Deeds in bed, and us girls enjoyed a dinner of a can of Campbells chicken noodle, and a little Rudolph viewing.  Sometimes you just gotta keep it simple.

Of course, you gotta keep your bow in, too.   After all. . .


  1. Nudie DH with the bow - a girl after my own heart!!!

  2. Lovely holiday pictures! Wherever did you get that beautiful pink dress?!

  3. Precious coordinating ensembles at the Holiday Tea!! Could your kids be any cuter?


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