Mar 3, 2015


So, Miss Priss got shipped off to my parents' house Friday afternoon, and my new little walker followed me around the house as I prettified things for supper club.  I was delighted to take a break from snowed/iced-in child management to do some flowers.  Said break was very necessary considering I almost abandoned my children in Chick-Fil-A. . .it's been a long two weeks for all of us.

So flowers!  I spotted these gorgeous artichokes at the grocery store and knew that they would be my base.  Then I had some fun at the flower wholesaler.  Ranunculus, miniature white carnations, and my favorite, Bells of Ireland, along with some others I cannot identify.

 Filled out with the leftover cabbages and collards that I didn't use in my salad.

 The discarded outer leaves of the salad's radicchio added just the right touch of purple.

This one got some extra flat-leaf parsley.

We had a small group due to the nasty weather, so I had a causal kitchen table supper- my favorite fall menu of Ina Garten's beef bourgignon, Scott Peacock's creamy grits, and my favorite kale and collards salad from Southern Living.  All done completely ahead the night before, which makes for a very relaxed hostess.

 I decided on a random assortment of pottery bowls, and kept everything simple.

It was a lovely evening, and excellent break from the weather-induced drudgery of late.

I also threw together a new painting for Dell Harper's room, in an attempt to get her to sleep again.  "There is an angel in your room to take care of you when you get scared."  Alas, this did not work, and I was up with her from 1-2 AM Saturday night (or Sunday morning, I suppose) after a late and raucous birthday dinner for friends the night before.

 And now, school is back (for today at least).  My office is heaped with a mountain of work, and I'm actually thrilled to attack it.  Monday was busy with gymnastics and swim lessons and school and routine.  It was fantastic, and I am a new woman.  A welcome change from Sunday when I took to my bed for three hours after church.  I had to hide from my family and curl up with a catalog- even a magazine was too arduous at that point.

So cheers to better weather and spring's arrival soon!


  1. OMG... floral designer in the making!!!!

  2. You are so artistic--beautiful!

  3. Seriously?! Those flowers are amazing. You did a wonderful job. I love all the arrangements but I particularly love the low one on the kitchen table. I might steal that exact menu for supper club here...don't tell. Also the painting is beautiful, sorry it didn't work!

  4. Beautiful flowers -- so creative to use the artichokes in them! I would never think of something so unexpected. The angel art is beautiful! I think you could open an Etsy shop or something!

  5. how did you learn how to arrange flowers like that? using artichokes and things from the fridge would not even occur to me. really amazing.


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