Dec 31, 2009

Amateur Night

I have never had a great time on New Year's Eve.  Too much expectations, booze and crowds.  Ten years ago the boy I was crushing on /"talking to" disappeared with a girl known to be a bit loose (vulgarity alert) and renowned for her ability to "suck a golf ball through a garden hose."  Hmmphh.

Anyway, after a few more dismal New Year's Eves, I decided to stay home with a little Roman Holiday, some Thai food and my sanity.  However, 3 years ago, Hubs convinced me to have a little shindig.  At my parents' house, while they while away their winter in Watercolor.  Black tie, fabulous food, I wore my mink- it was a hit.  And my first great New Years Eve since I was a teen.

Then came the next year.  Eighties theme, around twenty close friends, what could go wrong? 


  1. I have a feeling that you are not a bad date for New Year's, garden hose abilities or not ;-). Enjoy ringing it in tonight however you see fit... and thanks for the past few months of fun reading. Happy New Year!

    ps: I feel certain you'll appreciate the song I just posted on Freckled Citizen.

  2. Just saw your comment on BlueEyedBride and had to tell have to read Glass Castles NOW! It is SO good. I'm a follower but I haven't been keeping up with Google Reader lately...blech. I'll have to go catch up soon. Hapy 2010!


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