Dec 18, 2009

Disney Discussion! (I'm Belle)

So, I decided posting about babies and cooking was way too much maturity.  I think a little Disney discussion is on order this Friday morning.  So from least favorite to big puffy hearts, here's my sampling:

Sleeping Beauty- snooze bomb IMHO.  Of course, I have not seen it since I was a child and have a much greater appreciation of sleep now so maybe another viewing is in order.  I'm sure Hubs will be thrilled.

Bambi- hell to the no.  I refuse to watch this movie ever again.  I got so stressed during Finding Nemo that I had to turn it off and take a break.  One traumatic viewing of this movie as a tot was enough for me, thanks.

Lady and the Tramp- I like the spaghetti stuff, and the Siamese cats.  "We are Siamese if we please (bah dum dum)", which is sung by one of my favorite chanteuses- Miss Peggy Lee.  I will definitely have that in my head for the rest of day.

Snow White- I love this movie now, but as a kid, that witch was pretty damn scary.  This may be the reason why I only like green apples.  Mmmm, probably not.  Snow White is definitely the prettiest Disney "princess".

Fox and the Hound- "I'm a hound dog, Rooooooooooo!"  Hee.  Love this movie- it is very stressful though.  but look how cute the little guys are!  My pupological clock is out of control, y'all.

Aladdin- Pretty cool, although it received negative points for including the song "A Whole New World" which grates on my last nerve.

Beauty and the Beast- So, while doing research for this blog post, I took a quiz- "What Disney Princess Are You?" (And Hubs says my blog is not mature- ha!).  Apparently I'm Belle, I think because I read a lot.  I would rather be Cinderella or Snow White, but I really hate housework.  Also, do y'all remember that freaky series Beauty and Beast that was on prime time when we were little?  The Beast lived in the sewers, I think? 

The Little Mermaid BRINGS THE HEAT!!  Sebastian=awesome.  Flounder is a little lame, but every girl needs her slightly lame adoring sidekick.  Ursula is super terrifying, yet incredible.  Side note- a friend of mine was standing on the beach down at Seaside.  Being who he is, he was ripping a cigarette and downing his beer, when a little girl comes running up to him, screaming in ecstasy "Mommy, Mommy!  Look!  It's Prince Eric!". Ha!  My friend, of course, had no clue what in the world she was talking about.  Hilarious.
Here Ariel is singing "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?  Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?  Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has everything?"  So awesome.

And now a face-off.

Cinderella versus The Lion King

I mean, two of my favorite things- shoes and lions.  Seriously, I love lions- it's a weird obsession, but I'm a Leo so maybe it's astrological?

Okay, Cinderelly is fabulous and my childhood favorite.  I tried to name every pet Gus after the chubby mouse.  I also am a sucker for a good makeover movie, and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo rocks.

Mice with kerchiefs!  Does it get any cuter?

Well, maybe- lions cubs!  Before I left to teach school in Tanzania, my primary preparation was repeated viewings of the Lion King, which was "filmed" in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. People really say
Hakuna Mattata there!  Africa, I heart you.

So what do y'all think- agree with me?  Think I am absolutely nuts, and my list is ALL wrong?  I probably left some classics out, I am sure, so let the Disney discussion commence!  And most importantly- take the TeenNick quiz and find out what princess you are- hee.


  1. OK, I feel a long comment coming your way (I'm at work, it's the Friday before break and no one is here, I must do something to waste time, yes?). Obsessed with Cinderella--I have Cinderella snowglobes and for crying out loud, my damn dog is named Ella. I think that explains it. Also, when I was in HS I had a blue prom dress a la Cinderella and to this day am obsessed with it. Hi, I'm 5.

    I love Bambi, but, that's probably because I had a stuffed animal of Thumper as a kid. But yes, Bambi is traumatic. And I totally have the new DVD of Lady and The Tramp.

    The Fox and Hound--omg, I cannot watch this movie--I cry. I cry just thinking about it. We have a beagle, and while not a Foxhound, I regularly do the "I'm a houndog roooo" thing at her. Poor dog--this is probably why she hates me.

    OK, this is getting waaaay too long, but, I must add that The Little Mermaid scared me for the longest time--I could not watch the parts with Ursula. And yet, I was Ariel for Halloween 3 years in a row.

    Whew. I'm done now.

  2. haha i think you are the only person i know that has ever said Disney movies stress them out.

  3. My favorites are Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Lion King as well. I think they are the funniest! They have the best characters (other than Aladdin, the genie is, what can I say, genius!) I relate to Ariel the most... better take that quiz and see if that's correct!

  4. I guess my favorite animated princess is Belle, but my favorite regular princess is Giselle from Enchanted! Sooo funny. (Is that even Disney?)

    My kids were more into Wall-E though. Oh well that's what you get for having a boy in the mix.

  5. Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Lion King are my favs! But yes, I do remember freaky-deaky cable B&B show - and the beast was like a half-lion/half-man with a weird face?

    Here's my "controversial" Disney comment... Snow White pisses me off! The dwarfs SAVE HER LIFE and then she's all bossy, with her CLEAN THE EFF UP attitude. Dude, the little guys just took you in when the evil queen was trying to cut your heart out and you're forcing them to do laundry? Nuh, uh.


  6. Okay so Lion King is def one of my favs too! I took Allie Harris to see Princess and the Frog this weekend and it was pretty darn cute, too. Made the old way disney movies were made, not all the pixar craziness. You would like it too...New Orleans, she is a fabulous cook, southern upity hilariousness, a hot prince and 2 adorable frogs. And FYI, when you do see it, Ray, the lighting bug who says "Don't make me light my butt!" is my favorite behind Charlotte (lottie) and Tiana:) See ya soon!

  7. What a fabulous list, and hilarious! I went to see Princess and the Frog (without a small child in tow, ahem) and it was awesome! Instant classic a la Little Mermaid.

  8. Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast are my faves. But I love Cinderella, Bambi, and Lady and the Tramp. I also love 101 Dalmations. I just bought it the other day for Hudson. I have a huge amazon shopping cart full of the unpurchased Disney animation movies, too.

    I totally remember the Beauty and the Beast TV show where he lived in the sewers. Was she an attorney? I watched it with my mom...

    I just watched Sleeping Beauty the other day. I think she's the prettiest of all the princesses. Ahh.... I wish I could take a week and watch all of them without interruption.

    And I wish that when I saw you the other day I had done my imitation of the Siamese cats. I can sing that song like it's my job! :)

    I like Fox and the Hound just because the Fox's name is Todd. :)


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