Dec 3, 2009

Reunion Update with Pics and Anthropologie Purchases!

So Dids sent me some pics to show y'all what Hubs was up to at the reunion

Dids and her husband, looking lovely as always.

Let's compare-

Here's Hubs and I- you can't see his afro as well as I would like due to the dark background, but you get the gist of it.  The look on my face- uncomfortable grinning through my panic.*

And here's the rapping- notice the Jack and coke in his hand? Yep, I believe there's a direct correlation.

*Please ignore my massive face bloat- this was the day after Thanksgiving.

Also- I have to alert y'all to Anthropologie's current sale- it's a good one.
Just picked up the Gardener's Choice Dress and the Cavorting Canines Dress, which I have had my eye on for months, for half price!

Hmmm, maybe this Hubs acting out thing isn't too bad . . .


  1. Those are some excellent pictures!!

    I think the Anthro purchases are excellent timing (and so cute!). Given Hubs's antics no way he can guilt trip you over a few necessary purchases!

    Well played!

  2. You crack me up! :) I love the new dresses.

  3. I had a wedding this past wknd and had the same post Thanksgiving holiday issues. I had to buy black tights to go with my cupcake dress and discarded the HUE's I had in my hand the minute I saw the Spanx black tight display. Just the lifeboat I needed..XXOO

  4. dying over your anthro purchases! lucky hobag

  5. I always love Anthro dresses but never splurge on one. I'm awfully tempted though after seeing yours!

  6. Ohhhhhh, those Anthro finds are gorg. And you don't even wanna see the wretched pics my hubs has taken after a few too many. EEEK!


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