Dec 2, 2009

Why Hubs is in the Doghouse

LAM, Lou, Ames and MOH having some spritzers before the reunion.

While us ladies were downing sipping some wine spritzers before the reunion, the guys were watching a game from the porch and apparently unbeknownst to me Hubs was getting into the whiskey.

Normally Hubs is a very low key, unassuming guy.  While the rest of the guys are acting like clown shows, he is chill and taking it all in. Not so last Friday night.

Hub is not from my hometown, and did not go to my high school.  However, he is bff with my group of guy friends so felt very comfortable.  A little too comfortable in my opinion.

1) Our friend Dix fro'ed out Hubs' curly locks, so he looked ridiculous.

2) At the reunion there was a DJ and karaoke.  Hubs and LAM's husband take over the karaoke, to the irritation of any other drunken fools anyone else who wanted to "perform".

It gets much better

3)  Apparently there is video of Hubs humping a chair while singing Naughty by Nature's "OPP".  LAM's husband is humping his mike.

4)  During said "OPP" performance (which was being played as background music), Hubs announced to crowd "There's no lyrics being shown- I just know the words to this one", then recommenced his horrible rapping.

AND the kicker.

5)  Hubs announces to the entire crowd "Spice and Sass (obviously insert my actual name here), I'm spice and Sass' husband.  Do you know her?  She's my wife.   WEST HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF '99 SUCKS!".  At this point I had skedaddled to the bar, where the acoustics were not as good, and was immersing myself in vodka.  I was talking to old friends and acquaintances, who would inevitably comment on wedding photos, or congratulate me.  I said "Oh, you need to meet my husband, he's here.", which was met (several times, mind you) with "Oh, I know who your husband is".  Great.

I actually thought the whole thing was pretty hysterical, considering it was so out of character and Hubs is so embarrassed.  When the calls started pouring in the next morning, and I began to inform him of his behavior, his moral hangover was so great that there was definite hiding under the pillows. 

I figure I have a good 5 years of making an ass of myself, (or dropping clear plastic lids down the drain) before he lives getting hammered and being an asshat at my ten year reunion down.


  1. that is hilarious. oh my goodness. video will make it all better!

    and yes. he needs to forget about the plastic cap down the drain after that behavior! dog house for your Hubs for sure.

  2. I literally just laughed out loud and sent your post to Rob because this sounds JUST like something he would do at my reunion!

  3. Oh my. WOW. Seriously. !!!

    You guys are straight out of a reunion hijinks movie. Is one of you also an assassin or did you both invent fake careers?

  4. I would have died!!! Ahhh!! That is hilarious! Isn't it funny how a little whiskey can loosen someone up. Whiskey is my Mr's fave and it gets pretty funny when he has a little too much!

  5. LOVE it! 3 years ago, at the Ex-AF Xmas Party, Evs got so wasted that an 80 year old of-counsel had to help me carry him back to the room. I tried to break up with him (purely for dramatics) but the little sucker proposed the next day, with a rather elaborate scheme, I might add.

    Oh Shenanigans!

  6. Amazing!! Please tell me you took pictures of the fro! I personally think he probably looked pretty awesome with the for...I'm thinking he looked something like Bryan from My-So-Called-Life.

  7. Yee-sh!! I'm sorry, but, I just have to laugh. I'm sure the video is priceless.

  8. Hilarious! Usually it is myself in those situations instead of the Hubs. But he would be in the doghouse for sure!

  9. Bahahahahahaha. You are definitely in the clear for a while!

  10. Time out...i have pics of the fro and Mrs. Spice and Sass standing next to him with an "I am so scared of what is about to happen" grin on your face! Meanwhile, hubs is looking rather..."happy and comfortable!" Ha ha! So much fun!

  11. Dying! This is something that would have completely happened to me had I taken my ex-boyfriend to my reunion. Right down to the karaoke-rapping! Seriously. You're gonna get a lot of mileage out of this one!

  12. Oh my gosh! How hysterical... I think we all need to see the video :-)

  13. Awe...Hubs got a little ahead of himself with the booze, huh? This is so hilarious! Poor Hubs.

  14. OMG that is hilarious!! That totally sounds like something my bf would do! the "There's no lyrics being shown- I just know the words to this one" hahaha!

  15. HOLY COW. Hilarious.
    I'm sure that video is priceless.
    At least you can never accuse him of being boring...!

  16. I bet the OPP thing was classic. I would have been annoyed with saying my class sucked though. Sounds like a great night!


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