Dec 1, 2009

Everyone's in the Dog House

So our Friday turkey hangover started with this-

Which fell off its shelf in the shower as I tried to get ready for work Friday morning.  The lid flew off and promptly leaped down the drain.  I woke up Hubs and told him, trying my best puppy dog expression-


And told him I would take care of it on Monday, when my plumber would be back from holidays.  Until then, we would simply use the guest room shower.  However, Hubs made the executive decision to call these folks while I was working.  It seemed that they too were the only ones who were working as well.

Two vans, 2.5 hours, $225 and one "free"  bottle of drain cleaner later. . .the plastic lid is still stuck in the pipes, which will have to be taken apart from the condo below us.  Roto-rooter (not my favorite people) estimate another $500 to fix it, without the cost of re-sheet rocking the people's ceiling below us.  Lovely.  Notice how the face wash is supposed to be stress relief?

Later, though at my ten year reunion, Hubs put himself into a new home.


  1. oh my word. how horrible is that? how big is your drain?! wow. :)

  2. Why did you have to pay rotorooter when they didnt do the job they were hired for?

    I cant wait what to hear what hubby did next!

  3. Oh no! That's crazy that they have to get it from the condo below and completely re-do their ceiling! How terrible!

  4. oh no! I hope it all works out- are your neighbors good sports?

  5. You know we're going to have to have the full report on the Hubs' behavior at the Reunion... the masses demand it!


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