Dec 15, 2009

So Apparently I Am a Tween

So, yesterday Hubs made a comment that he had read the blog.   I (with no small amount of trepidation) asked him what he thought. "Well, it's not really something to be proud of, (he denies saying that part, but I know what I heard).  It's kind of middle school girl-ish". 

I mentally scrambled, frantically trying to think of a scathing retort that would show how intellectually stimulating Spice and Sass is for you readers.  Instead, all I could think about was how my next post was going to be a review of the movies I had seen this weekend.

The Princess and the Frog, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox*.  Two animated movies based on children's books.

My reply to Hubs, realizing that my maturity was not very defensible?

"Well, maybe you aren't the target audience for my blog."

After the holidays it will be all high-brow all the time occasionally.

*I highly recommend both movies!  Go see them with or without a tween. Mr. Fox is a Wes Anderson movie, and very in tune with the rest of his work.  I heart Wes Anderson so I loved it.

Princess and the Frog was great too- classic animation, New Orleans setting, tunes by Randy Newman and a hilarious "southern belle" supporting character.  It's no Little Mermaid or Lion King, but definitely on par with Aladdin.


  1. Haha. I feel like my boyfriend would have a similiar reaction if he read mine!

  2. Same here! I love your blog and want to see BOTH of those movies. :)

  3. They're both on my list to see, so I guess I'm immature too! ah ha ha

  4. Those movies were awesome...I think you should tell Hubs that OPP karaoke is a little middle school (literally!). Y'all are made for each other.

  5. Bahaha. Good jab with the "target audience" point. Touche.

    And if our paths ever cross (I'm deciding what to do with the rest of my life), you can fill me in on the deb life of Nine O'Clock Cotillion. Congrats on that!! I'm not surprised one bit :)

  6. I'm with you on the tween thing. I'm NOT with you on talking animals.

  7. Oh, I like your blog! You don't need to change a thing. Glad to hear that you liked those movies - I want to take my daughter to see Princess and the Frog (but I'm sure it's fine for all ages!)

  8. Haha Faye you are totally a tween!!!


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