Dec 9, 2009

Legal Eagle

Sorry for lack of posts, but I have not been home nor had a second to breathe the last few days.  I am headed to Nashville at the crack of dawn (literally) tomorrow morning for a Tennessee real estate law conference (are you jealous?) for my continuing legal education.  Not so exciting, but I will get to stay with Miss Shelley who I have not seen since my nuptials.  Whoohoo- we are planning on continuing our December rituals from exam time in law school- movies, working out and shopping.  Luckily, this time we will not be procrastinating our studies while partaking in all three anymore.

This is me, in my lawyer disguise.  So I'll be back , and full of fun things to talk about.  None of which involve real estate law, I promise. 


  1. I hear you - i've been a little behind on my blog myself!!

    Hope you have a great trip and a good time with your friend!!

  2. Oh CLE, so much fun. At least you get to spend time with your friend. I love your lawyer portrait!

  3. Enjoy spending time with your friend--anbd travel safe!

  4. Have fun! Go to Cabana for drinks/dinner. I love that place=)


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