Oct 7, 2010

All this Pink is Making Me Cry

As y'all I'm sure know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I saw this on Southern Living's website yesterday and got teary-eyed.

Obviously, I am feeling hormonal to get teary over a Thriller flash mob.  Perhaps tears of envy?

In other news, I had lunch with a friend who I had not seen in forever yesterday- it was great to catch up, and discuss life.  She has written an adorable children's book about AOPi- I knew I had to plug it on the blog for all of y'all AOPi's out there on the interwebs.  Here's their website- http://www.bananapunchbooks.com/  check it out! 

Hmmm, in non-girly news, Greek Fest is this weekend.  I shall drown myself in Tzatzki sauce to avoid the inevitable fate of one of my two teams on Saturday.  I'm rooting for the Dawgs, because I don't want dear Mark Richt to lose his job.  I don't have a good feeling though.


  1. What a neat video! And even though I am a Gator fan- we really do like Mark Richt as a coach- such a gentleman and very nice to have such a coach in the SEC!

  2. Those kinds of videos always make me tear up. I'm right there with ya.

  3. I heart flash mobs! I wish in the middle they'd showed their shirts so half of the dance would have been all pink - heart!


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