Oct 19, 2010

Me in a Bathtub

Yeah, that's me.  Just hanging in the smallest bathtub I have ever encountered.

Tron and Wiles joined me.

All part of our wonderful stay at the Treetopper.

There was even a poem composed in our cabin's honor-

Hubs honored us with a dramatic reading of that moving material. Such a . . . masterpiece.

Lisa's wedding was absolutely gorgeous.  We had a blast in Big Canoe, and it always so fun to see all my girls.
Then Saturday night we headed back home for another wedding.  Apparently I have mental issues and confusion about my age.  I am now practically thirty.  I cannot stay up late laughing and talking, and taking pictures in tiny bathtubs until the wee-ish hours, then dance the night away at another wedding.

 Isn't it a beautiful wedding?  The bride's father is a judge, so it was held in the courtyard of the federal courthouse.  Congratulations to two beautiful brides and their lovely fun celebrations!

So, have y'all ever stayed in a decahedron before?  And before y'all think that I am genius I had to look that up.  I took Latin not Greek.

How about a wedding double header?  Once, was 22-23ish, I went to a Georgia game Saturday, then came back and tailgated and attended a Tennessee Sunday (it was Labor Day weekend).  And then I thought I was going to die.  I should have known better this time!  I'm old, ladies!


  1. The Treetopper is adorable! So is your hair! Can you believe I haven't been to a wedding SINCE OURS? Nuts.

  2. You in the bathtub is adorable!!!!

  3. hehe love that baby bathtub! Great weddings - I had one this weekend and it was more than enough for me!

    Still recovering...

  4. What an adorable post! Great wedding. The bathtub pic is totally something I would do so I love it even more. And the dress you wore to the wedding is DARLING! Happy Tuesday, friend!

  5. What a beautiful setting for a wedding! And I love that centerpiece, so pretty.

  6. Oh my gosh! I used to go to Big Canoe when I was a little girl. My grandparents have a time share. I have fond memories of going down the rock slide and the tower slide... and it was a perennial debate about which was better. I knew I recognized that wrap around deck to the wee cabin! Ours was not shaped so oddly but looked very similar!


  7. That baby bath tub is too much. Double header weddings that's impressive. I did a few football double headers in college. New Years Eve, The 2002 Gator Bowl in Jax for the VT v FSU game, then down to Miami for the UF v Maryland game, by the time I made it to my seats for the Orange Bowl, I couldn't tell who were the Gators and who were the Terps on the field. So I think I spent the game making random friends. After partying hard for 5 straight days I ended up super sick and thought I was hallucinating the whole Spurrier resigning thing. I only accepted it when I had like 200 crazy text messages the next day-ha!

  8. Ok, I am cracking up at the bathtub pictures! And the fact that all 3 of you got in...ha! That wedding looks so cozy and gorgeous! Love the mini-white pumpkins!

  9. Looks like such a beautiful wedding :) s

  10. You are too cute! And, that baby pumpkin is so cute! It makes me want to have a fall party so I can use those for "placecards"!

  11. Thanks for the shoutout, Samma!!! What a pretty picture you caught! Love you and thank you for adorning yourself head to toe in my fave shade!!!

  12. That tub is hilarious, so tiny. I like that you tested the total number of people it would hold. A double header wedding, you are a rockstar. I would be wiped out! Have a great weekend!

    Amy R.


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